What is abscess : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is abscess?

Wash the place with anti-bacterial soap after boiling the boil: As soon as the boil starts to sink, it is important to keep that place clean. When its fullest outcome, then wash that place well with anti-bacterial soap and hot water.

When it is cleaned, wash with a bandage and apply an antibiotic plaster after the cover. If the area becomes red.

How is abscess?

Even when the boil breaks up, you should still keep on heating it continuously. Clear the place and keep on strapping it until it is completely cured. As long as you remain conscientious to keep that place clean, there will not be any problem, but only when it is ready for soft and groove.

Most of these skin conditions are solved with self or home remedies.

How the abscess increases?

Bacteria that cause the boils to develop some form of abscesses are contagious, and the skin infection can be dissolved by contact with fluid by boiling. The bacteria that cause boils are contagious, and the skin infection can be dissolved by contact with fluid.

Once boil breaks naturally, cover it with a fresh, clean bandage or mist. This will stop the infection from spreading to other places.

How the abscess spread?

Fauze or fur is a very deep infection of folliculitis (follicle follicle infection), it is almost always caused by the bacteria called Staphylococcus and Yus, the base of your spinal cord (pelionial abscess), around the tooth (tooth disturb) Swelling around a hair follicle near your neck, and also can cause a formation of abscess, which is called abscess.

How the abscess works?

Forbes are produced due to the production of oil in the stomach (neurotic) glands or sweat glands, swelling of hair follicles, or minor block of skin and blocking of panoramas. Germs (bacteria) come under the skin or in these glands, causing the reaction of inflammation in the form of protecting your body.

which attempts to kill bacteria. During this too much powders are collected in the liver.

What is the reason for abscess?

The liver is the main organ of our body and if there is any problem in it, the effect on the body is very bad. Liver abscess is such a disease during which there is a tumor or abscess in the liver if the boil is in a place which can be so easily dried.

If boiling in the lower part of the body, sitting in a hot bath is beneficial.

What is the symptoms of abscess?

Deficit of appetite – when the liver does not work properly and it boils in, then it decreases appetite and keeps on running. Pate Pain – There are many common causes of this, but due to which there is stomachache but if you There is always stomach pain.

When the fad is cooked and ready to get rid of it, then it becomes a yellow or white point in the center of its lump. In severe infection, the patient may experience a fever, his lymph may be swollen and he feels fatigue. This recurrent boil is called chronic pimple.


What is the medicine of abscess?

The boil is a skin disorder that initially looks like a red knot. When a boil is formed then you only feel itchy; Although it is not itching sometimes. As the boil grows, its color changes, due to boils, lack of cleanliness, insufficient nutrients, specific resistance system diseases, diabetes, or skin discharge from the surface of the skin.

What is the treatment of abscess?

But it is not recommended because it causes a boil infection and the bacteria that boil spread and many other causes of bust occur. Applying the hot strip to that place will break the boil itself and break it within two weeks.  It is beneficial for the medicine to wash the pudding and bind the pimple with antibiotic cream and a bandage of antiseptic tea tree oil.

The pimple should not be torn or squeezed without observation, otherwise the risk of infection may be spreading.

Hair break or boil, also called skin abscess or furuncle. It is a painful lump of lip, which grows on the surface of the skin. The fatty peas can be as small or can be as big as a golf ball, and it can be on any part of the body.

A boil is a skin infection that starts in the hair follicle or the oil gland. First of all, the skin becomes red in the area of ​​infection, and a tender knot develops.


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