What is a CT scan : Tested, Side Effects, Risk of Cancer from Children’s, Done

CT scan

What is a CT Scan?

computed tomography is a painting analysis, which is a form of X-ray. This is a common procedure, in which many three-dimensional (3D) images are taken as a patient by examining the affected organ. Each rotation of the scanner shows a light picture of the organ.

Computer assisted tomography is a special x-ray technique in which several x-rays of thin thin folds of the respective organ are taken.

Computerized Tomography is a form of X-ray, also called Commuteised Acoustic Tomography (CAT). It shows the body parts of the body. Most CT scans are used to detect symptoms of diseases associated with various organs of the body.

A CT scan or a CAT scan is a special type of test that is done using an X-ray and a computer and in this test, we make a photo of certain organs in the body. And it is easily detected by the disease in the body.

CT scan is also known as Computerized Axial Tomography. By the way, the CT scan is a form of X-ray but it is slightly better than it and it can be viewed with good and good image of body parts.

The CT Scan invented whistle was developed independently by the British government by Sir Godfrey Hansfield and Dr. Allen Cormac.

Things that are Tested by Whistle Scans?

1. Chest:

Chest or chest CT Scan is used to detect swelling or any type of infection in the lungs, heart, joints, nerves or chest.

2. Abdomen:

Scans the stomach to detect ulcers, boils, infections, tumours, arteriosclerosis, inflammation, bowel disease, stomach, bleeding in the stomach, or any other diseases associated with stomach. goes.

3. Urinary Tract:

In this investigation, computed tomography scan of kidney and urinary bladder is also called CT KUB (Kidneys, Ureters & Bladder) or CT Urogram.

4. Liver:

With liver CT scan, tumours, bleeding or liver related diseases are detected in the liver.

5. Pancreas:

To detect problems like tumours, swelling or pancreatitis in the pancreas, CT scan of pancreas is done on the advice of the doctor.

Gallbladder and Bile Ducts: – Checking of gallbladder and bile ducts, obstruction, gallstones, and other diseases in the bile ducts are inspected.

7. Spleen:

In this type of investigation, the size of the spleen or the adverse effect of reading on it is inspected.

8. Pelvis:

Problems of pelvic organs are analysed in the computed tomography scan investigation of pelvis i.e.

9. Arm or Leg:

Computed tomography process involves examination of hand-foot related problems, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees, ankles etc.

Side Effects of Computed Tomography?

1. Computed tomography scan is a test that shows many types of diseases but it also has some risk of computed tomography Scan.

2. It can cause problems of body temperature, itching in the body organs, red rashes, etc.

3. Apart from this, pregnant, diabetic patients, patients with sensitive skin can also influence this investigation.

4. It affects children, adolescents or patients who have repeated screening. Therefore, before the investigation, consult a good doctor.

How is CT Scan Done?

CT Scan is usually done in the hospital and radiology clinic. During this time, the person doing CT scan is allowed to eat and drink some hours before the CT scan. Apart from this, before wearing a computed tomography scan, a person wearing a jeweler is wearing it.

CT scan radiology technologists do During this test, the person is lying on a table inside a large doughnut whistle machine.

CT scan

This table rotates slowly through the scanner and the X-ray also revolves around the body. During this time the sound from the machine can be heard.

Moving the body around, the scanned image can be blurred, so the patient is asked to lie completely and in the same condition.

The Risk of Cancer from Children’s CT Scan?

In childhood, computed tomography scans can increase the risk of having brain cancer or leukemia more than three times.

But in the Lancet Journal report printed in this study, it has been emphasized that the benefits of these scans are generally more important than the dangers.

He has said that in his study it has been pointed out that computed tomography scan should be used only when it becomes very necessary.

In computed tomography scan, an X-ray tube is taken inside the patient’s body and taken photos from the depth of the internal organs.

computed tomography scans are useful for children because they do not need to unconscious or sleep.



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