Why are mouth ulcers : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

mouth ulcers

Why are mouth ulcers?

In the life of all of us, sometimes the problem of bark in the mouth will have come. It is a problem that is associated with problems in our arterial catering and stomach in some form. In Ayurveda, the origin of such problems is believed to be due to stomach disorders, which is caused by the adherence of the bile stimulant Diet. Generally, when a patient comes with gray pale or reddish stomach, redness, eating problem, problem of irritation, then its diagnosis mouth ulcer is made.

How to swelling and blisters in the mouth?

1. Mental stress

2. Injury in the mouth

3. Highly and irregular intake of fruits such as lemon, orange, figs, tomatoes, granulation etc.

4. Some other diseases including gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease etc.

Common causes of the growth of mouth ulcers?

1. Mental stress

2. Injury in the mouth

3. Infections that occur after dental activity

4. Decrease immunity

5. Decrease of vitamin b, iron and folic acid

6. Some other diseases which include gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease etc.

7. Dieting the pelvic burns which used to eat red chilli, black pepper, ginger, spicy and very hot food

How do swelling and blisters work in the mouth?

Our body is made up of very small units, which we call cells. The life span of these cells is very low, so the process of breaking them and making them new in the body continues to run. When there is obstruction in this process for any reason, these cells start growing uncontrolled and gradually It takes the form of lump. This is cancer.

There are more than one hundred types of cancer in India, which are heard most about breast, lung and cervical cancer. But very few people know about the mouth, head and throat cancer. In India the number of people who know about it is very small, but the number of people who are victims of it is less.

According to a report published in the Journal of Head and Necessary, Asia is at the forefront of head and throat cancer. There are 57.5 percent Asian people living in this disease globally. In India, head and throat cancer is spreading rapidly, according to the report of Indian Medical Research Council. According to the report of 2 to 2.5 Millions of new cases come out. One-third of the world’s victims are in our country. In about 70% of cases of cancer, the patient’s improper lifestyle and social behaviour are mainly responsible.

What is the symptoms of swelling and blisters in the mouth?

Generally, we have some general complaints that the patients are following:

Trouble in the face of the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, burning in the mouth, redness, spots, excess of saliva, trouble in eating, occasional bleeding in the skin, cracking of the mouth etc.

Measures to protect swelling and blisters in the mouth: 

1. People with bile nature have the highest probability of having this problem. Therefore, such people avoid hot, spicy, oily dieting. Put a habit of eating food at the right time and some cooling.

2. Avoid eating food in between and avoid irregular eating habits. If you are of the nature of the feet then avoid the habit of fasting.

3. Normally you do not have heavy meals and eat light and well-cooked food. If you add some sweet to the food then the pile will be mitigated. In addition to the increased and old age of the disease, Ayurvedic experts use oral medicines for the use of specific medicines. These specific medicines are used for coating, gargling, rinse and eating.

4. Ayurveda is treated in the treatment of masks by the procedure called kaval and gandush. Experts use these processes successfully on the patient according to the complexity of the diseases.

mouth ulcers

What is the prevention and treatment of swelling and blisters in the mouth?

1. Acacia catechu (Khadir) is used for blood purification and wound because it has astringent properties.

2. Plum leaves can be used to help fill the tissues of mouth ulcers.

3. If the condition is worsened, then eat Amla to fill the wounds, nurture them and bring them new life.

4. Harrying is a drug that is rich in rehabilitation, inorganic and wound healing properties. Use it regularly and get relief in mouth ulcers.

5. Vittivera zizinoides (late) have the properties of cooling properties and the elimination of ulcers.

6. Pumaria parviflora (perfume) contains blood purifying properties and it suppresses the malformed pitta defect.

7.Ixora grandiflora (blood clots) also have the properties of coldness, gentleness and regeneration of the skin

8. Psidium guava (guava) is a useful vegetable whose leaves have the properties of filling mouth ulcers.

What is the Medication of swelling and blisters in the mouth?

1. Take some of the guava leaves and chew it slowly and let its juice get sour in saliva. This will give you relief from pain and swelling in your mouth.

2. Mix 250 mg suhla and add half a teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on 3 times of the day. It helps in filling wounds of the bark.

3. Take plum leaves and make her pulp and then boil in water. In it add 4 – 5 blob castor oil. Keep this mixture in the mouth for a while and keep the mouth closed and then garrets. In a few days you will be able to get relief from oral ulcers.

4. Soak the almonds and 5 resin pieces in water and let them remain like this overnight. In the morning, chew it chew and eat it.

5. Keep sucking coconut pieces in the mouth and keep sucking slowly. It helps in wound healing by reducing pain and swelling in the wound.

6. Apply coconut oil or pure ghee to mouth ulcers so that they will be quick to relax. Also, add some turmeric in the bark, which will be quick to heal.


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