What is white stain : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

white stain

What is white stain?

When the melanocytes die in your body, then it starts to become white spots on your skin. This condition is also called white leprosy. These are usually those parts of the body that come in direct contact with sunlight, including the effect of resistance to melanin-making cells, the effect of genetics, ultraviolet rays, excessive stress, lack of vitamin B12, some kind of skin Transition etc.

That is done in our country by the wrong, hollow methods, should be believed only on the treatment of a qualified dermatologist. The most important thing is.

How is white stains?

There are white spots on the skin in any part of the body, which are called white spots in colloquial complex problems. It is believed that information about incidents like distance away from the victims in social situations has been reported, before being adult Vitiligo symptoms were developed.

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How white stains grow?

Copper element is extremely essential for the production of melanin in the skin. For this, keep the water in the copper vessel overnight and drink empty stomach in the morning. This method of old age is helpful in the formation of melanin.

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How white stains are spread?

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Soya bean contains vitamins E and vitamin one, along with a number of such minerals, which are very beneficial for the skin. By applying soybean mask, all the problems related to your face are removed.

How white stains work?

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What is the reason for white stains?

In this disease the natural color of skin changes and there is whiteness. Due to whiteness, it is also called Sivatra. This disease is also known in Hindi as the name of ‘white leprosy’ or ‘white leprosy’, but some physicians consider it a different disease by not accepting it as “leprosy”.

Inside the skin, melanocytes are the cells responsible for the production of skin cognitive melanin. Which gives color to the skin and protects the harmful rays of the sun.

white stain

What is the symptoms of white stains?

The total area of ​​the affected skin is different in different individuals. This can affect the eye, inside and outside of the mouth, head and other parts of the body. But experts do not believe it to be effective. Liquin experts believe that leukocaine is a product that is made from herb. Ayurvedic and home remedies can also be very effective in the treatment of white stains.

The children of the victim also suffer from white stains, it is not necessary. There is no need to hide this disease. Successful treatment of white stains is in almost all the medical systems but it depends on it.

What is the white stain medicine?

Based on Ayurveda, leukocyte DRDO had prepared this drug on the basis of Ayurvedic formula a few years ago. Emil Pharmaceutical was given the responsibility to bring the drug into the market. The drug is using patient use and its results have been found to be good. DRDO is constantly engaged in research on this drug.

The organization is also in preparations for bringing a new version of this drug. It happens on any part of the body. It is very important to treat it timely, otherwise this problem increases. Many people also do not like to sit with the patient with this disease, but it is not a contagious disease nor spread by touching. There are many different types of medicines available to remove white stains, but they make a very different difference. In such a way, red soil can be used to get rid of this problem within a month.

What is the treatment of white stains?

Before starting this remedy, the patient should be avoided using more chili spices, fried meat, fish and alcohol. Even the salt in the food should not be used as well. By taking this remedy, the effect of homopathy will be doubled rapidly.

Eat three or three walnuts in the morning and evening with plenty of blisters on the body; In the last few days, the blisters will start to disappear from the root. Feeding the nut in the children is good for sleeping and they will not even urinate in the bed.

Even homeopathic treatment of white stains is also effective. The superstitious people who call white stains as white leprosy have made this disease a curse especially for girls. Disorders of white stains are not harmful like leprosy.

White stains can be cured easily when treated. Within a few months the whole body covers. In the same case, the reconstruction of the skin itself has also been seen. In other cases, the original color of the skin itself starts rebuilding without treatment.


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