What is uterine muscular vesicles : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is uterine muscular vesicles?

Many times women get swollen uterine (Uterus or kidney). There may be many reasons. The reason for women getting out of the stomach is not just obesity but swelling in the uterus. Changing weather and lifestyle greatly affect the uterus.

Women are highly affected by this. It also affects its uterus. Usually the uterus of women is equal to the closed fist. While during pregnancy, its size increases according to the size of almost football. But sometimes the swelling of the uterus also occurs in the normal stage of the uterus.

After which they start having problems like headache, stomach and back pain, light fever. In this case, women have to face unbearable stomachache, fever, headache and back pain. If you do not treat this problem during the time, it can also be the cause of major diseases like cancer. Which is called uterine fibroid. Today we will tell you some tips to reduce swelling of the uterus, but before that you know what is uterine fibriade.

What is uterine fibroid?

Fibroid is a non-cancerous tumor, which grows on the layers of uterine muscle. The size of the fibroid can be as much as the watermelon from the seeds of bean. Nearly 20 percent of women throughout the life, the fibradrhoea occasionally affects. Females of 30 to 50 age group are most likely to develop fibroad. Higher weight compared to normal weight women and women with obesity have high risk of developing.

The uterus is also commonly known as the woman’s womb or womb. The average woman’s uterus size is 2.5 inches to 3-4 inches. The size and dimensions of the uterus are like pears from bottom to top. Inflammation of the uterus or abnormal increase in female uterus is due to pregnancy and fibroids. As soon as the uterus is swollen, the woman feels heaviness in the lower part of her abdomen and begins to feel confused.

How to grow uterine muscular dystrophy?

In all women, there is a common mixture of bacteria in the vagina. Can cause endometritis and metritis. When a biological phenomenon changes this natural mixture of bacteria.
How to spread uterine muscular dystrophy

The process of detecting the extent to which the disease has spreads is called staging.
Stage 0 or cancer-in-situ: At this stage, abnormal cells are found in the inner surface of the baby’s face, which can not be seen by the eyes. In this stage the cancer is limited to the face of the child.

First stage:

In this stage the cancer is restricted to the mouth of the child.

Second stage:

In this stage the cancer reaches the child’s mouth but does not reach the pelvic wall or lower third part of the vagina.

Third stage:

At this stage the cancer reaches the lower third part of the vagina or the pelvic wall, which can also affect the kidney.

Fourth stage:

At this stage, the cancer spreads to the bladder and rectum or to other parts of the body.

What is the cause of uterine muscular dystrophy?

1. Due to excessive weakness in the stomach muscles and due to lack of exercise or even more strict exercise, the uterus may become swollen.

2. Due to gas and constipation in the stomach, the uterus becomes swollen –

3. Due to excessive use of drugs, swelling can occur in the uterus.

4. There may be swelling in the uterus due to excessive sexual intercourse.

5. Due to excessive consumption of appetite, swelling occurs in the uterus of the woman and due to wearing more tight clothes, the uterus may become swollen-due to non-care during childbirth, the uterus may become swollen.

What is the symptoms of uterine muscular inflammation?

Apart from changes in the physical size of the uterus, there are many other signs of swelling in the uterus, but generally the symptoms of swelling in the uterus are dependent on its causes. The main symptoms of swelling in the uterus in women are as follows.

• Women have acute stomach cramps.

• Abnormal menstrual period i.e. excess bleeding with pain.

• Feeling some heavyness in the lower abdomen

• Having anemia due to excess bleeding during menstrual period

• The body is weak and the body is yellow.

• Increasing fat on the waistline around the waist

• There is more pressure on the uterus and changes in its size.

• Pelvic area around the pelvic feel very much spasm.

• Constipation

• Pain, convulsions and swelling in the legs

• Feeling unusual pain throughout the body

• Frequent urination.

• Getting water from the vagina

• Bleeding after menopause

• Excessive pain during sex

• The accumulation of blood during menstrual period.

• Any time bleeding begins

• Having difficulty in urinating

Breast tilting.

• Having acne and having hair on the face

• Increase obesity rapidly.


What is the treatment of uterine muscular vascular?

• Castor Leaf

Arandi has always been a medicine used in many diseases. If you have been infected in your uterus, then remove the juice of castor leaves and soak it in cotton. After this, put this cottonie in its vagina for some time. By doing this daily, your infections in your uterus will be removed.

• Orange juice

The orange is used to eliminate any type of infection. Eat a glass of orange juice every morning in the morning, which will gradually end this problem.

• Lemon

Lemon is a medicine that is used to eliminate the infections present in any part of the body. Anti-bacterial properties are found in the lemon and your infection starts to finish. You add a pinch of black salt in a glass of lemon water in the morning every morning and eat it.

• Drink water

Many times the body gets infected in your uterus due to the accumulation of harmful toxic substances in excess quantity. For this, you should drink at least ten liters of water in a day, which will remove harmful substances present in your body and you will get relief in this problem.

• Take care of food

The main reason for the infections in the uterus is our diet. When you eat something that spoils your digestion, there is a problem of infection. For this, you eat lightly mine and avoid eating heavy food together, which will end this problem.
These things are far away from

• If you have complication of infection in the uterus and you want to eliminate it then you should stay away from more fried foods and chilli spices, which will cause your problem to end soon.

• In addition, you should avoid eating sweet and you should not consume cold drink.

• Do not eat any kind of alcohol or cigarette.

What is the treatment of uterine muscular inflammation?

When the uterus becomes swollen, the victims should take fasting while consuming fruit juice for four to five days. After this, unhealthy balanced diet should be taken.

A woman suffering from swelling and pain in the uterus should be avoided with salt, peppers, fried foods, sweets etc.

The woman suffering from swelling in the uterus should apply wet clay on the stomach. Then give an enema and take bath with hot water. Apart from this, putting salt in water filled with tubes for 15 to 20 minutes will help the woman get relief from inflammation. By doing this almost daily, it can also be found in the uterine swelling.

The victim woman should lay her feet up one foot above two to three times a day for about an hour.

Drink hot almond grease oil in a warm water and drink a teaspoon in the morning. Swelling of the leaves of castor leaves soaked in cotton, and putting it in the vagina for about five days also results in swelling.

Wash the vagina from the decoction of the chirayite and grind the paste in water and coagulate it on the pelvic and vagina, it destroys the swelling of the uterus.


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