What is the Stye : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is the Stye?

You may have noticed that many times people often get a fur on the upper or lower layer of eyes, which in a few days becomes quite annoying. Would like to tell you that this disease is also known as Anjanhari or Gujari (Stye).

Although this is not a major disease, but the patient has a lot of trouble in it. In this case, it starts getting irritable and irritable in the patient’s eye. Which gradually takes a pungent form of pus.

Often this problem is caused by dust methane bacteria or staphylococcus bacteria. Other causes of this problem include stress, hormonal changes, and blepharitis.

Furring in the eye is a very painful and irritating condition, but in very few cases, a serious situation arises. Usually it gets cured on its own. Usually the cavity is on the same eye, but in some cases it also occurs in both eyes, and many times even more than one pimples are also removed on one eye.

When the cave develops in the eye, then the whole eye becomes red, and painting it also results in pain. During this time pain and itching may also be felt in the eye. Significantly, due to the fact that there is no effect in the ability to see the cavity often.

Applying hot compression gradually against styling helps in releasing it more easily, and pain and swelling are solved. Sometimes a stain can reproduce.

A stain or styling (hurdollum) is a red collision, like a chicken, which is made on the outer edge of the eyelid. There are many small oil glands in your eyes, especially around the eyelashes. Dead skin, dirt, or oil buildup can clog or block these small holes. When a gland is blocked, the bacteria can grow inside and a styling can develop.

How is the Stye?

Actually, let’s tell you that the real reason for being crippled is to have infection in the eyelids, if the physicians believe them, they say that it also comes from the lack of vitamin A and vitamin D. Apart from this, if you have a complaint of constipation then you can also get cough in such a situation.

How the Stye grows?

• The first sign is pain, redness, swelling and tenderness.

• Styes usually do not cause vision problems.

• Styfe is due to staphylococcal bacteria.

• Styles are contagious.

  • Most of the styles fix themselves.

• Never ever get a style “pop”

• Other eye problems can be with stalls.

How the Stye spreads?

The following can increase the risk of developing a style:

• After their use after beauty use

• Do not remove eye makeup before going to bed

• Contact lens disinfection before adding them

• Change contact contact lens without touching

• Adolescence has more normal color, but people of any age can develop them

• poor nutrition

• sleep deprivation

How many types of Stye are?

The cave is divided into 2 types, which is like this:

External stye

This is a cave developed on the edges of the eyelids, which is mostly due to infection in the follicle follicles. The outer cavity usually looks like a pimple.

Internal stye

it develops on the inside of the eyelids, which is caused by the infection of the gland that produces oil in the light bulbs.

What is the reason for the Stye?

There are small oil glands in the eye’s eye. These glands are closed due to dead skin, dust mites, or mascara etc. Because of this there are born bacteria. This causes inflammation due to this. It takes the form of a pimple. This is the cave of the eye.

Normally it gets cured in seven to eight days. It should not be taken care of.
Due to the change in hormones, tension and cleanliness, it can also cause fur in the eye. One can have one or more pimples at one go.


What is the symptoms of Stye?

The first sign of a stye is a small, yellow spot in the center of the collision that develops as pus and spreads in this area.

Other styling symptoms may include:

• A lump on top or bottom blink

• Local inflammation of the eyelid

• Local pain

• redness

• Mildness

• Crop of blink margin

• Burning in the eye

• Sleek of the eyelid

• Itching sensation on the eyeball (itching)

Blurred vision

• Mucous discharge in the eyes

• Eye irritation

• Light sensitivity

• Quotes

• Inconvenience during nap

• The sensation of a foreign body in the eyes

What is the  Stye of cough?

Most styles tend to move on themselves without the need for any treatment. As soon as they break down, the symptoms improve rapidly. Do not try to break a stain yourself.

A hot compression conducted slowly against the eye can help reduce the eyesight. The water should not be too hot. Special care should be taken while applying someone like a child.

Compression should be held 5 to 10 minutes against the eyes, three or four times each day.

Compression not only reduces the inconvenience, but can also encourage it to remove the breath. Once the pulse is removed, the symptoms usually improve rapidly.

If the stays are particularly painful, the ibuprofen or acetaminophen who can relieve pain may be helpful.

When an outside stain is extremely painful, the doctor can remove the eyelash near it, and with a thin needle it can lance and remove the pulse. This process should only be done by a professional. If things are not better, then the patient can be referred to an expert, for example, an ophthalmologist.

If the styling persists, then the doctor can determine the drop of an occasional antibiotic cream or antibiotic eye. If the infection spreads beyond the eyelid, oral antibiotics can be determined.

Eye make-up, lotion, or contact lenses is not the best to wear until the styling does not go completely.

What is the treatment of Stye?

Your doctor may also write antibiotic cream for infection. For swelling, then your doctor can give you a steroids shot to reduce swelling. Sometimes the stalls need to be professionally removed, especially if they are internal or affect your vision.


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