What is the problem of Gas Trouble : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

gas trouble
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What is the problem of Gas Trouble?

In the present scenario, there are many such diseases which are the result of our wrong habits and carelessness. As the problem of constipation emerging due to regular diet and gas disease after long constipation.

After the problem of gas or vata, this problem causes many other problems in the gastric trunk body, which is called Vata Disease in the language of Ayurveda. People suffering from gas not only suffer from stomach discomfort, but also suffer many problems like headache, headache, abdominal pain, chest pain etc.

Most problems in the stomach are the problem of gas, which is the most common, which most people have. There are many reasons for gas becoming in the stomach, sometimes it is due to your hungry or bad food, even though it is a very common disease, but if it does not take care of it during the time, then it is one day big disease like ulcer. Can take the form. For example, usually burping and belching usually refers to the gas that comes out of the mouth, while flatulence, or farting, the intestinal gas which escapes the anus.

Blowing is used to describe excess stomach gas sensation that has not yet been released. The increase in gas or gas pain can result from eating foods which are more likely to produce gas. Often, relatively simple changes in eating habits can reduce troubled gas. Occasionally, we eat more quantity, and this results in stomach ache and swelling. Does it mean that you will stop eating? Well, there is no need for this because there are many home remedies that can solve the gas, heart beat and swelling.

How is the problem of Gas Trouble?

The sensation of gas deposited in the digestive system is very common for many people. People can occasionally experience gas and gas pain in one day or so.
Blowing is a sensation of excess stomach gas that has not been released yet and is stuck due to inconvenience. The swelling, extinguishing and passing of the gas are the natural functions of the body and usually occur in the process of breakdown of food through swallowing air or digestion.

If you are suffering from painful gas, swelling and aroma and scent of smell, you need to find a solution to reduce gas and inconvenience.

How Gas Trouble Growth?

If your gas or gas pain is so frequent or serious that they interfere with your ability to work well in daily life, talk to your doctor. Gas or gas paints with other symptoms or symptoms can indicate more serious conditions. If you experience any of these additional signs or symptoms, see your doctor

How Gas Trouble Sweeps Affect?

Other dietary factors that can increase the gas in the digestive system include the following:

• Carbonated beverages such as soda and beer increase abdominal gas.

• Habits of eating habits, such as eating too early, drinking through a straw, chewing gum, sucking on candies or chewing more air as a result.

• Syberium-rich fiber supplements, such as Metamucil, can increase the colon gas.

• Sugar substitutes, or artificial sweaters, such as sorbitates, manitol and xylitol, are found in some sugar-free foods and beverages, can cause extra colon gas.

What is the reason for Gas Trouble shortage?

Stress caused by roses and other causes caused many diseases today. One of these is also a gas in the stomach. In today’s life, eating and drinking not being on time, not sleeping on time, water shortage and excessive hot drinks also affect the amount of acid in the stomach and digestive system.

It also has an effect on blood circulation and intestinal activity. The symptoms of this disease feel heavyness and unhealthiness in the stomach. The movement of the patient’s intestines increases. A feeling of stomach bloating and excessive air is realized. There may be complaints of soreness, chest discomfort, heart beatness, sharp pain in the stomach, obstruction of urination, heat sensation in the body, and many times.

gas trouble

What are the symptoms of Gas Trouble  Shredder?

The burging is normal, especially during or after the meal. Most people pass gas 20 times a day. Therefore, being gas can be inconvenient or embarrassing, breaking the gas and passing it rarely indicates medical problem.

• Symptoms of gas bother you

• Your symptoms suddenly change

• You have other symptoms with gas – such as constipation, diarrhea, or weight loss

What is the treatment of Gas Trouble  Shredder?

The problem of gas has become commonplace in the life-changing and changing lifestyle. Nowadays, the trend of consuming junk food in the youth has increased significantly. The problem of gas due to consumption of oil meal and late sleep is increasing. The gas starts becoming stomach and headache. The body is uncomfortable and does not feel like doing anything.

Eating lemonade is quite effective for gas relief. Those who have more gas problem, they should squeeze a lemon into a glass of water. Now add two spoons of honey to it. Drink this mixture twice a day. You will get relief from gas problems.

Peppermint is used as a herb in Ayurveda. In the summer, take eight-ten leaves of mint and make them a syrup. It got up in the morning and drank empty stomach. Also eat mint chutney in the winter. If possible, add the garlic buds.

What is the problem of Gas Trouble  Shredder?

Try unseminated medicines of simethicone, which help break the gas bubbles. Tablets, chewing tablets or liquid In many forms, you can buy products with simethicone. Also see other medicines that are available at your local drug store.

Make a list of the food you eat every day for a week. Also keep an eye on how many times you have gas in the day. Soon you will see the connection between your eating habits and the quantity of daily gas emitted.

What is the treatment of Gas Trouble  Shredder?

Only after having hunger, have light, plain, digestible hot food. Do not eat too much at a time. Do not eat fried, roasted, stale, stale things. Do not drink any beverages other than water. Do not eat foods that are high in lentils and salt or sugar.

Do not take maida and polished rice or new rice. Swallow food enough chew. Do not overdo any work. Seasonal fruits, vegetables and salads. Eat the leftover vegetables. Do the labor and sleep in the left direction as per need. Do not take food from the diet. Do not let constipation, indigestion. Keep the digestive system right.


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