What is the constipation in Pregnancy : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

Constipation in pregnant women

What is the constriction of pregnant?

constipation in Pregnancy is a common problem in pregnancy and it can start from the first trimester. But knowing that you are troubled by constipation, you are not alone.

The most common causes of constipation in pregnancy are:

• Pregnancy hormone progesterone, which slow down the passing of food from the digestive system.

• Changes in your diet due to nausea at the onset of pregnancy

• Increasing pregnancy pressure on the rear of your rectum (the last stop of your entrails where the stool is collected, unless it is ready to go out) in the final stages of pregnancy.

How to get Pregnancy constipation?

There are many other changes, including mood change during pregnancy, changes in taste and physical and mental changes. Many diseases also disturb pregnant women. One such disease is Pregnant women get constipation very quickly.

The reason for this is to have digestive problems. But, it is very important to control constipation in Pregnancy too. If you are pregnant and want to avoid taking medication, then we are telling you some Ayurvedic methods which by adopting will ease the problem of your.


Generally, constipation can be caused by eating less, eating, anxiety, less physical exercise, and diet with fiber. constipation in Pregnancy women is due to the hormones that relax the intestinal muscles and reduce the pressure on the uterus due to the stomach increases. Due to the relief of intestinal muscles, the food and waste products gradually get out of the system.

Occasionally there is constipation in Pregnancy due to taking iron tablets. So drink plenty of water while taking iron supplements. If more constipation is occurring, then you can also change iron supplements by the doctor’s advice.


• Twist less than 3 times in a week

• Trouble during bowel movement

• Sometimes bleeding from the rectum

• Swelling in the lower abdomen

Spasms or pain



It is important to maintain good health for a pregnant woman to give birth to a healthy baby. During this time, various physical and hormonal changes can cause some inconvenient symptoms. To advise your doctor as soon as possible, it is always advisable to face pregnant women with any such problem.

Symptoms of some problems like nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, headache, leaking breast, constipation and others are quite common and they do not require much medical attention. On the other hand, pregnancy diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, premature labor and birth, abortion and others need some serious problems as early as medical aid.

• For this reason, it is recommended that a pregnant woman should be discussed with an experienced doctor in detail about her problem.

• Eating eight to nine glasses of water daily and taking nutritious rich health drinks like fresh fruit juice, nutritious coconut water, milkshake and other health drinks can help prevent problems like constipation, nausea, vomiting and others. is.

They should take a healthy and balanced diet and it is advisable that daily food should be divided into at least six light meals instead of three heavy meals. It can help to avoid problems of indigestion.

• Pregnant women also have to face less sleep and sleeping problems during sleep. This is quite normal. The time of pregnancy is very worrying and worrying about the future, and this can cause strange dreams. For pregnant women who take less sleep during the night, they are advised to take a short nap at any time during the day.

• During pregnancy, all women should meet their doctors at regular intervals and if they have to face any problem during this period of pregnancy, then be sure to discuss in the details. In severe cases, medical treatment as well as surgery may also be necessary.

In most cases, by changing diet, drinking more water gives rest to constipation. Eating more fiber foods is beneficial as eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes etc. Regular exercise also makes rest easy in constipation. You can talk to the doctor to reduce your iron dose. Do not take any medication from your mind without the advice of a doctor.

On getting relief, doctors can advise these medicines – probiotics, laxative or stool softer

Avoid during pregnancy?

Adopt high fiber diet: It can be obtained by adding whole grains, bran, vegetables, fruits and serial in the food.

Drinking more water: 

Drinking adequate water easily causes bowel movement.

Physical Exercise:

Do regular exercises like asking for a doctor like walking, yoga etc.



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