What is Tantric Sex : What It Is, How to Do It, and the Benefits

tantric sex

What is tantric sex?

The system is a Sanskrit word meaning “to be unique” Tantric sex has also been mentioned in ancient articles. This method of sex came about 6000 years ago in India. This sex, originally taught by ancient Hindu and Buddha meditation, was originally meant to attain spiritual happiness.

Its main purpose is the feeling of God. In the western countries, it was practiced in the province of Paseya in Qazvin in the late 18th century. However, in the 1960s it was much spread. In Asia, it was used for spiritual significance, while in the Western world it became popular for easy sex.

Take a warm body massage oil and start massage with each other between the chest. Doing so leads to direct contact with the heart. Now keep an eye on each other’s eyes and with the help of fingerprints. Slowly massage the chest making the inner circle from the chest edge. Keep breathing deeply as well. By doing this, the ritualistic rituals of both of you arise.

Of course, sex feels great, but what about other feelings? Tantric sex is to make a completely erotic experience. So, realize it fully, feel the sensuous feeling from every sensation, slow down the lights and dip the strobies into chocolate. Take the atmosphere in your own bus so that you can enjoy the sex of mind and the mind.

Energize your sex life with the step of tantric sex?

Most people think that the only reason for sex is to reach the orgem. But there is a reason behind creating physical relationships, how to engage with one another, and how you both nurture each other.

Tantric words are composed of Sanskrit words ‘meet together’. And its purpose is to meet the two people not only physically but also emotionally and emotionally. As a result, he establishes a spiritual and divine connection.

However, with tantric sex, you feel happy and emotional attachment for each other for a long time. Tantric sex is not a sexual intercourse, but how do you connect your partner yourself with worn outfit? And in the meantime how both of you are lost in each other.

Get rid of mental beads while you are physically, talk about your wild fantasy with your partner. Do not pay any attention to the fact that he is a bit crazy and a little Webcapua. This not only connects you physically but mentally to your partner. Just take care of the fact that you both want to eat each other kind of khulali casserole.

This is a great way to get you to know your partner’s body better. Before you start doing each other. Before using your tongue, touch them and raise sensitivity towards each other and see how you can fully adore yourself to each other.

tantric sex

I have become accustomed to tantric sex, what should I do?

 A few months ago I started learning the yoga at home from the instructor. The close relationship between us increased and he told me about tantric sex and taught how organism can be found with meditation, massage and respiratory processes.

Now I have become addicted to it and I do not enjoy sex with my husband because Yoga Guru has taught me to reach higher extreme happiness. I can not even tell my husband, nor can I leave tantric sex with my guru. Please help me, please help me.

I can understand that you are in a difficult situation. You are in a situation where you can not separate yourself from Tantric sex nor can you tell your husband about it. Like other addictions, tantric sex is also a process in which the person feels good. Unfortunately at the end of this process there is a negative effect on people and they fall alone.

Organism is very sensitive because it gives you full satisfaction, you can call it divine. This adjustment can give you extreme extreme happiness as you said but Adicion gives you satisfaction for a short period of time.


In this state, I will advise you to understand your responsibilities towards your husband. You can talk to your spouse about tantric sex and try something new and different during sex with them.

A surprisingly practical lesson from tantric sex?

For irregular, the idea of ​​tantric sex can be mysterious. You can assume that this is all a blank or you can be reminded of rumors about the famous (or rather notorious) nine-hour sex sessions of Sting. The rest of you probably scratched your head. Fortunately for both your comfort zone and schedule, Tantric sex marathon is more than love-making.

When you think what sex should be – how it should feel, how long it should last, in which situation you should hit the urban system: the author of sacred sex for the twentieth century, Barbara Carrellas is called, and your happiness But there is no chance at all. Those expectations are probably more likely to be compared to reality in TV and movies. But when you leave those comparisons

Of course, sex seems great, but what about your other senses? Carrellas says, “Tantric sex is about creating a sensual experience.” Dim the lights, dip strawberries in chocolates, or invest in a set of 1,000-thread-counting sheets. All your senses will enjoy your whole body and mind.

Mood lighting is so good if you’re going to keep your eyes closed? Open your eyes – and look better yet. Do not worry if it looks awkward earlier. Especially if you have never seen your partner middle kisses. Once you get out of the initial shock, you will feel more connected, will get started, and you may wonder why you have stopped your eyes ever.


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