What is Rib pains : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

Rib pains

What is Rib pains?

Nowadays the problem of pain in the ribs has become commonplace among most people. In today’s stressful life, not only young, but children are also suffering from this problem. This pain is more than coughing and sneezing because, when this happens the pressure on the ribs and they begin to hurt. Due to excessive pain, there is a severe stiffness in the ribs that makes a very deadly feel.

The heart, lungs and many important organs are preserved inside the rib cage. An urgent treatment for ribs pain emerging after a serious injury, especially when pain is severe or difficult to breathe deeply. It requires imaging test like X-ray, MRI to be tested. This is pleura, one of which folds on the outer part of the lungs and on the inner part of the second ribs. In Plurra, swelling occurs in the same membrane.

This swelling can be of three types – dry, moist plurici and empema. Due to which both the surface found in it starts colliding with each other. The fluid remains between these two surfaces, which stops at one place due to this disease and takes them out of their place and deposits in another place. When swelling occurs in our membrane, the patient feels pain like a sharp prick in his chest.

How Rib pains Grows?

Dry pluricity is associated with specific viral infections of lung bacterial infections or chest muscles. In some cases, the loss of TB, tumor and blood transfusion of lungs also results in inflammation of the plaque. Tuberculosis is the most common cause of water in Plura. It can be a problem in diseases like pneumonia, tumor, cancer, and swelling of certain organs.

How Rib pains Spreads?

1. There may be several reasons for inflammation in the ribs, such as having an injury or injury while exercising on the body.

2. Infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungus can also cause swelling in the ribs.

3. It can be a reasonably fast cough that can last long.

4. Diseases such as arthritis and encyclopedic spondylosis may also cause swelling in the ribs.

How Rib pains Works?

  1. Make a paste by mixing the lime that is eaten in honey and paan and it is easy to coat it on a painful place in the ribs.

2. After mixing turpentine oil in mustard oil, massage the patient’s ribs with light hands after a while.

3. Make a decoction of ginger, basil and black pepper and add a pinch of rock salt in it.

4. Make a thick bread of wheat and keep it aside from one side and keep the raw from the other side. Strain the hot oil and turmeric of mustard on the part of the crust and place it on the painful place; this will give the patient a lot of comfort.

5. Roast the garlic bud lightly and roast the patient with honey as a powder.

What is the cause of Rib pains?

There are three types of swelling in the membrane, dry plurici, moist plurici, empema, which is dry fluorosis. It is associated with lung infection of the lungs or the specific infection of the chest muscles.

In this lung, TB, tumor, cancer, swelling in some organs of the stomach etc. Do not work properly in any one of the heart, kidney and liver and watering it, due to injuries in the blood, and the infection of the blood in the pleura can also cause an emaema.

What is the symptoms of Rib pains?

The major symptoms of this disease are:

• Patients suffering from Plurici’s disease have severe pain in the chest.

• Due to this disease, the patient starts getting cold and the patient’s chest becomes heavy and it becomes fever.

• The patient stops appetite for the patient.

• When the condition of the disease becomes severe, the infected matter from the patient’s membrane goes out and fills in the chest.

• The weight of the patient’s body decreases.

• Excessive pain in the chest with breathing and exhalation is the main symptom of this disease.

Rib pains

What is the treatment of Rib pains?

The right hypochondrium is a protection for such internal organs such as liver, pancreas, gall bladder, intestinal organ adjacent to each other, so the cause of pain is often difficult to determine independently.

The main principle of treating pain on the right side of the ribs is to change in time for an expert (district doctor, gastroenterologist, oncologist, surgeon).

Self-reducing pain can be with the help of spasmolitic drugs:

• But spa (two tablets not more than three times a day);

• Nitroglycerin (1 tablet under the tongue or three drops on a piece of refined sugar);

• Tired: A 0.1% solution of aeroprons and 1 mL of 1 mL promodol; 5 ml baralagin and 2 ml no-drop.

What is the treatment of Rib pains?

The following remedies are taken under the natural remedy of this disease:

1. The patient suffering from Plurici’s disease should drink fruit juices for a few days after fasting.

2. During fasting, the patient should clean his stomach by performing an enema every day with hot water and then he should wrap a wet sheet on his body for a few hours.

3. The patient should sponge on the body with lukewarm water and wrap the hot wet strip on the chest. This strip should be changed 2-3 times a day.

4. The patient suffering from disease should perform sun bath and dry friction every day, thereby giving a lot of benefit to the patient.

5. After treatment of the disease, if the patient’s body temperature becomes normal and it starts to feel hungry then it should be understood that the patient has been cured.

Hot saunas, hot water bottles or electric heating pads are very beneficial for pain relief in plurici. Attempts to dry pots by giving antibiotic medicines are made. Regular breathing exercises also help to open the lungs. Simple exercise, such as big balloon blossoming, also provides special benefits.


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