What is pregnancy delusion : Mental status, Laboratory investigation

pregnancy delusion

What is pregnancy delusion?

In many cases, it happens that a woman feels that she is pregnant, and all her symptoms are similar to those occurring in pregnancy but she does not get pregnant. The reason for all these symptoms is entirely different. It is called pregnancy delusion.

Lying on the left side of the pregnant woman, the baby’s blood circulation is good and it develops. If any woman becomes pregnant or the first time mother becomes a relative, neighbor, -They start advising. But in the absence of the right information these tips sometimes become a problem of troubles. Let’s know about the confusion and their truth about the pregnancy delusion before and after the pregnancy in the society.

Every woman wants to get maternity happiness and this is the greatest pleasure of her life. When a woman’s intense desire is to become pregnant. So when trying in this direction, she starts feeling that she has become pregnant. Pregnancy illusion becomes pregnant due to her strong desire to be pregnant. As a result, signs of pregnancy also appear and feel in her body. Let’s know

But there are some confusions related to pregnancy in our society that present various doubts in the mind of the pregnant woman. There should be no truth behind these myths, but due to being discussed they are automatically accepted. We tell you which myths related to pregnancy are popular in our society and what is the reality behind them:

What is the reason for pregnancy confusion?

Pregnancy delusion is also called pseudocyesis in therapeutic language, believing that you are expecting to be pregnant but you are not actually pregnant. The root of pseudocyesis is completely psychological. The exact cause of this problem is not yet understood, but doctors suspect that when the body believes that she is pregnant then symptoms related to her begin to appear. Or when a woman has a strong desire to get pregnant, then she starts to feel the actual symptoms of pregnancy, such as enlarged breast, enlarged stomach, and so on, she also begins to feel the embryo moving.

In the woman’s brain, this kind of feeling starts to feel that she is pregnant. The result of this is that estrogen and prolactin are also disadvantaged in the production of hormones. The result is that some more bright pregnancy symptoms begin to develop.

Mental status examination?

In the Mental Status Examination (MSE), a middle-aged, medium-sized, well-read sexually suggestive woman, who contacts the eye with sufficient eyes, who then provokes, suspected and hostile towards her parents and any person Who had tried to oppose his idea. Literature on the delusion of pregnancy in schizophrenia is however scary.

We present a case of delusional pregnancy here, the confusion of pregnancy has been defined as the belief of being pregnant despite the factual contradiction. In spite of being more common in a developing country, the literature about India’s illusion of pregnancy is a little less. Fake pregnancy When a woman accepts to be pregnant, though she knows that she is not. It is an effective disorder on the self classified under the category of somatic symptom disorders by DAM-5.

Kuwade syndrome Where the father develops many types of physical symptoms before, during or after the child’s birth. Her behavior can be similar to those of pregnant women, though she knows she is not pregnant.

Laboratory investigation?

Thyroid profile displayed normal FT4 and lightweight high TSH 9.64 MiU / L. His serum prolactin level was 26 ng / mL. Estimation of a Vitamin B12 and MRI or CT imaging were required, but due to financial constraints, it could not be excluded.

The Rorschach Ink blast test indicates psychological illness on the part of the patient. The pathogenic sign of contamination and interruption is evident in the Rorschach protocol. Thematic aperception test detected confusions and sibling rivalry.

Cognitive incorrect interpretation of physical sensations and physical changes, serious ego deformities, and poor reality test, fulfilling desire, separation signaling concept, attempt to regain lost love,


Mental incidents such as confusion of pregnancy can be an attribute in some cases of dementia. If these bizarre characteristics of dementia appear as an early presentation of FTD, whose normal beginnings are in the presenium, it may be wrong for schizophrenia

What are the symptoms of pregnancy confusion?

These symptoms can last for a few weeks or even 9 months:

  1. Period stop

2. Growing the size of the breasts

3. Feeling vomiting and nausea

4. Weight gain

5. Feeling the movement of fetus (fetus)

pregnancy delusion

Test for pregnancy delusion (test)?

To find out the truth of this illusion, firstly, the doctor has given ultrasound to the bottom of the womb of the woman. There is no child in the ultrasound when pregnancy delusion is confused. Then, to completely eliminate illusion, the urine (urine) of the woman suffering from this illusion is tested. Even if the result of it is negative, it is certain that the woman is not pregnant, but she is suffering from pregnancy illusion.

What is the treatment of pregnancy delusion?

The doctor should adopt a psychological way to take the woman out of this illusion. Because the woman’s mind is not ready to obey this thing. Due to which the woman may be a victim of depression, and it can take a more serious form. At the same time, the family members should also strengthen the woman mentally.

With these methods, you can easily eliminate the delusion of pregnancy.


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