What is Leucorrhoea : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is Leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea (also called leucorrhoea) is a medical condition where a woman experiences white, thin and sticky vaginal discharge. It is also called ‘white’. It is seen globally in the reproductive age women. Any divergence in the color, stability and smell of infection is a sign of infection. Leukoria or vaginal discharge in young girls is a common problem. With other changes in the body, some girls can also experience vaginal discharge. It is important to know this for young girls and natural remedies to get rid of the causes and symptoms of leukoria.

Excessive discharge of a thick, white or yellow, sticky, odor-scented material from the vagina is called leukroah. This common problem may be due to obscure situations, genital tract infection, or poor immune function.

Unfortunately, most women are very embarrassed with this problem. Well, women are not only embarrassed in front of others, but most of them avoid discussing problems with their medical health care providers.

Luquaria is the medical name for normal vaginal discharge. You can see it in your underwear. It is usually thick and sticky. It can be white or yellow, but it does not cause tissue itching, pain, irritation or burning sensation around opening the vagina. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between leukoria and vaginal discharge due to STI or yeast infection. If you are sexually active and have vaginal discharge which is new or different.

These diseases cause uterine infection, which is actually one of the most common gynecological disorders. Infection is the tendency of causing irritation in the cervix mucus glands, causing one to secrete excess of them, mixed pus with mucous. One of the signs of lukaryria is vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), which is often caused by infection with fungi Candida albicans or protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis infection.

Infection with these organisms can lead to a disturbing discharge, which is often quite resistant to treatment. A tumpor, diaphragm, or other foreign object left too long in the vagina can also cause leukoria. Duching is not recommended, because this practice often disturbs the balance of normal vaginal flora, which leads to an increase in infection.
How is white pigment

It is important that leukoria be brought to the doctor’s attention. If the treatment is not done,

Then it can cause the following complications:

• preterm birth

• Abortion

uterine decay

• Marking fallopian tubes

• endometriosis

• Lower stomach ache

How does Leucorrhoea?

1) Before or after the Period

2) At the beginning of puberty

3) Sexual excitement in sex

At what age
From a young girl to old woman can happen.

What is the cause of Leucorrhoea?

For some of the major reasons for leukroia in young girls, it is physical or pathogenic, it needs to be evaluated appropriately. White discharge can be either from the vagina or uterus.

• One of the main causes of leukorai among young girls is hormonal changes that occur during a young girl’s puberty. The female hormone, known as estrogen, rapidly fluctuates, which increases vaginal secretion and also provides the path to physical leukocyha.

• Another major cause of leukocyha is poor sanitation in young girls. Young girls who are unable or unwilling to avoid proper hygiene during menstrual cycle are more sensitive to developing leukocytes. Poor hygiene increases the risk of vaginal discharge and is one of the common causes of leukoria in young girls.

• Young girls who are starting menstruation and are anemic, undertake high risk of getting leukoroa. Malnutrition from early age increases the risk of anemia and other nutrients deficiency, which can be one of the causes of leukoria in young girls.

• If a young girl becomes sexually active in life soon, then it can also lead to leukorrhoea. Chlamydia or trichomonas vaginalis are some infectious pathogens that become active and cause vaginal infections, thus there may be leukoria in young girls.

• A common cause of leukoroa in young girls is excessive sexual desire and masturbation, which leads to white discharge. The use of lubricants, jelly and vaginal spray can also cause problems.

• Keeping vaginal area damp and unnatural, especially during menstruation, can cause fungal infections, which is an important cause of leukocyte in young girls. Do not use proper sanitary napkins, they often do not change and wear tight synthetic undergarments can be wetted by the area.

• Leukoca may also occur in young girls due to injury in female genital tract. Such vaginal discharge often happens with a blood stain.

• If a young girl forgets to remove her tampon after the end of the menstrual cycle, then it can lead to abnormal white discharge which is actually leukocyha.

• Hormonal imbalances due to severe mental stress and trauma can also cause leukocytes in young girls, The treatment of which is not easy.

What is the symptoms of Leucorrhoea?

Leukorrhea should not odor nor should it scratch. You may have occasionally seen the underwear as a wetness in your underwear. Due to the increase in blood flow in the vaginal area and an increase in pregnancy hormones, estrogens are preferred, you can pay more attention to this discharge.


Since it is made of skin cells from your body, it is not harmful and should not be considered a threat to pregnancy. You can see it in the entire pregnancy or you can increase slightly closer to your due date. If you have a lot of discharge experience then consider wearing a panty liner or a small pad to help you feel dry and fresh.

A woman described Leukoria in this way, “Nothing really came out, but when I went to the bathroom and wiped it out there, it was not so heavy that I want something like pad or something like that. That I was wet due to pregnancy. I had half way through my pregnancy before I asked about it. My midwife told me that unless it smells or itching Ta, I should not worry too much about it. “

What is the treatment for Leucorrhoea?

Keeping some precautions can save a limit from it. They should take care of:

Get nourishing food. Eat barley barley, eat chapati of flour, green vegetables, black pepper, fruits, nuts, carrots, tomatoes, beetroot etc. so that the body remains resistant.

  1. Do not eat pickle, papad, potato, red chili, sour, brinjal, stale food, alcohol, onion, fried etc.

2. Drink tea, coffee.

3.Stay away from erotic thoughts.

4. Do not overdo co-operation.

5. Stay away from unnatural sex.

6. Keep vaginal and uterine checks from time to time on taking contraceptive gestation in the vagina.

7. Do not let constipation.

8. To detect the specific cause of white blood, check for urine, blood, vaginal secretion etc. according to the advice of the physician.

What is the treatment of Leucorrhoea?

1. Drink water remnants that are used for the preparation of white rice, which is the best way to treat white discharge due to heat.

2. Boil one liter of water and add 3 tablespoons of fenugreek. Keep boiling until the water is reduced to half. Cool and drink a bowl of this water every morning. There are great qualities in it, which can help in treating leukoria naturally.

3. Take a glass of water and add a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice into it. Wash your vaginal area with this water.

4. Wash wash with neem water.


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