What is Freckles : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

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What is Freckles?

Freckles are flat, beige, brown spherical spots, which are usually the size of a common nail head. Stains are many and can develop on sun exposed skin after repeated contact of sunlight. These are particularly common in people with red hair and in a fair color. They can appear on young people as people of age 1 or 2 years.

• Most freckle are uniform in color. On different people, freaks may vary somewhat in color

• They can be red, yellow, tan, light brown, brown or black

• But they are basically slightly darker than the surrounding skin. After contact with the Sun, they can be light and more pronounced in the winter months.

• Freckles are due to increase in the amount of black pigment called melanin and increase in the total number of pigment production cells called melanocytes. The word comes from Fracle Middle English Freaken,

• In turn, the Old Norse came from Freikur, which means “Tilted.”

• There are two categories of Freckles: Apples and Solar lentigines. Apples are common types that most people think of as freakle.

• Solar lantigines are dark patch of skin that develop during adulthood.

• Includes freaks, old age stains and sunspots. Two types of fractaces may look similar but their development differs from other methods.

• Freckle are tan or light brown spots on your skin. They are made from clusters of skin cells, which contain pigment melanin. Unlike malls, which are raised, freckles are flat. Freckle are not painful or harmful.

• Anyone is born with freckle, even if they can be genetic. They are triggered by contact with the sun. If you have a tilt and want to get rid of them, then there are seven ways to consider.

• Freckle are clusters of concentrated melaninized cells that are easily visible to people with the right color.

• Freckle do not need melanocytes to increase the number of melanin-producing cells, or melanocytes, but rather melanocytes that melanin granules (overproduce melanosomes) change the dyeing of external skin cells (Keratinocytes).

• In this way, are separate from freckleslentigines and moles, [1] which are due to accumulation of melanocytes in a small area. Freckles can appear on all skin types of skin tone.

• Of the six Fitzpatrick skin types, they are most common on skin tone 1 and 2, which are usually related to Northern European people. However, it can be found in all castes.
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• Freakle on short exposed skin are small tiny or light brown spots.

• Freelles are more common in the face of red-headed, under-mentioned individuals.

• Normal freckle themselves are quite harmful and never develop in skin cancer.
Most freckles are produced in contact with ultraviolet light and usually fade in the winter.

• Unusual-looking freckles can be lethal skin cancer.

• Peculiar appearance or symptoms of colorful or described spots should be examined by your dermatologist.

• Treatments are available to help ease or eliminate problems.

How does Freckles grow?

People whose skin produces phenomellanine are not protected by UV radiation and these are:

• Red or white hair

• light skin

• freckles

• Skin that tans poorly


What is the reason for Freckles?

Your skin contains cells called melanocytes that produce pigment melanin. Melanin helps protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Sun’s exposure encourages melanocytes to produce more melanin. Freckles is the production of melanin on the outer layer of your skin.

Most people with large numbers of fractures have proper skin, although no one can get them. Although fair-minded people usually produce fewer melanin than dark skin, their melanocytes produce more melanin in contact with the sun.


What is the treatment of Freckles?

If a dermatologist believes that a sesame should be evaluated, then he will shave or cut the entire space to biopsy so that it can be evaluated under the microscope. This is a simple process. (If the dermatologist thinks that sesame may be cancerous, then cutting through sesame can cause cancer.)

If sesame is found in the form of cancer, then the dermatologist will cut the whole sesame or mark from the biopsy site by cutting the entire area and biting the normal skin rim and wound closure around it.

What is the treatment of Freckles?

• To avoid gloating, the most important thing is that you should at least contact exposure to sunlight

• Due to frequent sleepiness or failure to sleep properly, wrinkles also appear on the face. It is important that you take full sleep. Do not forget to wash the face before sleeping.


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