What is Flatulence : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is Flatulence?

Bloating, which causes stomach bloating, thereby increasing the size of the stomach. It is also called stomach swelling. Normally it is felt after eating this meal. This problem occurs when the gas is filled inside the small intestine.

Its direct indication is also a disturbance in the digestive system. Although it is considered a common problem, but ignored, this disease can become serious too. There are many reasons for this that the main reason for stomach blisters is gas abnormalities which can inflate small stomachs. It is also known by the name of the stomach swelling.

Due to the wrong lifestyle and eating the wrong things, this problem will be very common today. If you are suffering from stomach problems, you can adopt home remedies for Bloated Stomach to remove the problem of stomach bloating due to eating irregularity in food and eating food made from flour or sapphire flour.

There is a lot of gas in our stomach. If this gas goes out of the stomach in a natural way then there is no problem, but when the gas does not come out, the stomach gets stumped and the situation of gas becomes difficult, then there is a big problem.

How Flatulence Grows?

The consumption of kashali, bitter, dry and dry (dry) items, regret (sorrow), consumption of extremely cold substances, lack of semen due to more sexual intercourse, prevention of pressure of stool-urine, anxiety, fear , Excessive blood pressure (high blood pressure) gets weaker due to meat impaired, more vomiting and diarrhea.

Failure to increase the defects by filling air in the nerves of the person from old age and old age, this disorder arises due to the pain caused by gravity of body parts.

How Flatulence Expands?

Chewing your food as often as possible, ingesting the food quickly without chewing may cause stomach bloating. The food which is not digested can be killed by bacteria while passing through the large intestine, this process releases the gas and encourages the stomach to flow.

What is the reason for Flatulence?

You may be thinking that what is the stomach swelling and what causes due to some reasons are some of the reasons – allergies, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction and intestines Trouble etc. Although there may be some difficulty in identifying the main cause of the stomach discomfort (Pet me sujan), you can identify the symptoms easily and identify the causes.

Apart from this, many other factors also promote flatulence (pet ka fulna), which are absolutely abnormal, such as sleep, fatigue, and can also cause bloating. Often the main cause of flatulence is gas but there may be several causes of stomach inflammation other than gas. Such as constipation, bad diet, fast food, talk while eating food, gas discharge, indigestion, excess water with food Drinking, peptic ulcer etc.


What is the symptoms of Flatulence?

Due to stomach disorders, breathing is transmitted. There is strong burning in the chest. It suffers. And the head hurts. And many times the wheezing starts to come. This disease often comes under control with a big mucus.

• Feeling like a sore

• Stomach becomes heavier after eating

• Having a chest in the chest

• Nausea

• Come to Dakar

• Pain in the stomach

• Feeling heavy in the stomach

• Passing gas with stomach

What is the treatment of Flatulence?

Treatment of inflammation in the stomach (Pet me sujan ka ilaj) requires that you know the main causes of stomach bloating and treat it only on the basis of it. Treatment of inflammation in the stomach (Pet me sujan ka ilaj) You can do the following

What is the treatment of Flatulence?

To cure this disease, we can get relief from this disease by using some home remedies.

Which are as follows

Fennel seeds have anti-microbial properties, due to which they have the ability to relieve stomach aches, gas burns and stomach problems. It removes the abscess of the muscles of the hazma system and improves your stomach bloating.

1. By taking hot milk and castor oil, the disease of the throat gets cured. Take a glass of hot milk for this. Now mix 2 tablespoons castor oil in milk and mix it. Now eat this milk. The harassment in your stomach will stop.

2. By taking garlic and ginger juice, the disease in the stomach gets cured. To remove this disease, add ginger juice to garlic juice. Now take a glass of water and heat it a bit. Now drink ginger and garlic juice in hot water and drink it. Afraid will be relaxed.

3. Turmeric and salt are proven very beneficial to remove stomach ache problems. To get relief from the disease, take a little powdered turmeric powder and take a little bit of salt. Now join both of these. Now lukewarm a glass of water. Now crack the turmeric and salt powder with lukewarm water. The sickness of your stomach will ease.


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