What is Eye disease : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

Eye disease

What is Eye disease?

Like other parts of the body, the eye is also diseased. This is a partial list of human eye diseases and disorders. The list of international statistics classification of disease and related health problems is known in classification, diseases and injuries published by the World Health Organization.

The most common eyelid tumor is called basal cell carcinoma. This tumor can spread around the eye but rarely spreads to other parts of the body very rarely. Squamous carcinoma, carcinoma, sebaceous and malignant melanoma are other types of eyelid cancer, two thirds of the coronal, which are the only tracheous tract, and the front third, relatively mild part, which is called ciliary body.

This circular body makes the front and the iris or the iris plate. There is a hole in the middle of the iris, which is called pupil or ophthral

How is Eye disease?

This tumor occurs in infants and young children. It is called RB in short form. Please check the pictures of your child or children, have a red shade in normal healthy eyes, but instead of red, a white or yellow dot is a sign of a tumor or other eye disease, in which children of any picture, instead of the red shadow Those who are white or yellow shade should be checked.

Photos of children / children are very good leads in the proportion of the plasma and there are also alutronic acid in sufficient quantity. Due to the conjunction of the eye, the arc inside the eye is 18 to 25 mm.

How does eye disease increase?

The focus of focusing on things at different distances is by the variable curvature of the front of the lens. If the convexity increases then the power of the lens increases. During the automatic adjustment, the curvature of the lens is 6.7 mm. And when watching away 11-12 mm it occurs.

There is a flexible collapse around the lens, which is associated with the ciliated body and when the strain of the capsizes comes lens blossom. The elasticity of the lens decreases when old age comes and the condition of automatic adjustment starts decreasing.

This is the reason that the need for glasses to read after the age of 40-45 years is sometimes the problems of the eye, such as the styling resolves itself within a few days, but due to visual deviation, anything can happen , Or if there is a trauma of the eye, immediate medical attention will be required.

How does eye disease spread?

Blowing eyes, or proptosis , when one or both eyes come out of the eye due to wounds like muscles, fat and swelling of the tissue from the eyes of the socket. Glaucoma occurs when the formation of fluid in the eye produces pressure, the optic nerve damage. Gonorrhea  inflammation is fierce. Cornea causes inflammation due to syphilis and tuberculosis. Yellow pain on the edge of the cornea comes out in the gastroenteritis.

This is due to tuberculosis or allergic reactions. In the Follicular dystrophy red grains are released on whiteness. Bacteria have ‘disease of eye’ disease. Corneal wounds are dangerous because, because of goodness, whiteness comes to that place, which is called jala, mada etc.

How does eye disease work?

Therefore, according to this principle there are three types of cones and three are simultaneously stimulated, white is realized. But how does it look black from this theory and the color of the color of the color, the alphabets, etc. is not solved.

Herring has adopted six types of customers and the principles of seven types of customers based on the basis of micro-stimulus experimentation by Harridge. Recently, Grenet conducted recreational experiments on animals.

He inserted the micro electrodes in the gutkha kiosks and gave the mark of the sensitivity of each unit towards different light. If your eyes feel stressed, give them some time. If they are tired even after a few days, check with your doctor to make sure that this is not a problem.

What is the cause of eye disease?

Exercise or surgery for muscular defects is also required. Exercise is effective at 3 to 5 years of age. Sprain of up to ten degrees can be cured by spectacles or exercise. Surgery has to be done for fresher degree of twenty degree. The medical becomes difficult after the age of eight. Visionary eyesight (good eyes blinking) in the eye exercise, the use of instruments from the stereoscope is done etc.

Without the eye or the head, you can see the area, it can be inscribed by the perimeter. Each eye can see the surface outside of 104 degrees, 55 degrees above, 75 degrees below and NASA 55 degrees. Both eyes together see a larger area. The disappearance of the spectrum is also there, and therefore the defects in the sight of the person are known.

Eye disease

What are the symptoms of eye disease?

Like other parts of the body, the eye is also diseased. Defects of behavior, colorfulness, damage to the spectrum, etc. have been discussed. In short, other diseases are discussed, if there is diabetes, or multiple sclerosis, or some form of arthritis, then the eyes can be one of the affected organs.

It is necessary that these conditions be carefully monitored and controlled, because the sight of sight or sight loss can be the result of poor management systemic diseases. Whereas eye test is recommended for those people every two years, who do not have vision problems, who have a condition that affects their vision.

What is the disease of eye disease?

Even in old age the lens is removed, and wearing the glasses of its power again becomes visible. Sushrut has discussed the removal of cataract. For the first time in the current Yag, Jacques DeVille of France started this operation. Although in today’s advanced mode this operation is accessible to all, people still treat them with clumsy companions, as well as understanding the depth and distance.

Now on the basis of this principle, three-dimensional films have started to be formed. If there is a scar on the eye, there is no benefit of binocular vision. In the beginning, every thing is seen in two, which conflicts, and consequently an eye stops watching.

What is the treatment of eye disease?

Occasionally eye problems, such as styling, solves itself within a few days, but anything can happen due to visual deviation, or if there is a trauma of the eye, then immediate medical attention will be required.

Some people are born with this problem, or it can develop from an immature disease associated with the retina, and it can not usually be treated. If you have, you have to be extra careful in low light areas.

These include the danger of coming out of the concentrated fluid, the displacement of the lens, the prefix etc. Injuries are endless damage to weapon injuries, such as dislocation of retina, lens displacement etc.

The Indian poets have wished that we look at healthy eyes and save hundreds of lives. Eye health is not separated from normal health. Eye will also be healthy by following the rules of eating. Vitamin A and vitamin B have special significance for the eye. Protecting the eye lyssoyma, so it is not okay to wash eyeball with amateur medicines.

Even in old age the lens is removed, and wearing the glasses of its power again becomes visible. Sushrut has discussed the removal of cataract. For the first time in the current Yag, Jacques DeVille of France started this operation. Although in today’s advanced operation this is accessible to all, yet people treat them with clumsy companions.



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