What is Ear candling : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

Ear candling

What is Ear candling?

Children’s ear is a very common problem that we usually take very lightly. We are conscious of this when it takes a serious problem. There is some other common problems that may be due to hearing loss, pain in the ear, or some other rashes, which are related to the problem of some kind of ear flowing. Ear flux means a fluid leak from the ear. It is called the otorrhea in therapeutic language.

In most cases, your ears have wax. Its work is to ensure that dust, bacteria or other substances do not get into your ear.

However, some other conditions, such as the rupture of the ear screen, may also lead to leakage of blood or other fluid from your ear. It is a sign of the fact that your ear is hurt or there is an infection and you need immediate medical attention. If this happens, the ear may become swollen and its tube closes, causing a variety of fluid to be collected in the middle of the ear. When the pressure increases, this fluid comes out damaging the ear curtain.

There are six curtains in it. Infections occur on the curtain burst. Slowly the bones start to rot. It causes cholestatoma disease. Intestinal cravings occur in the face. Brain becomes pus. Throat goes wrong. The patient suffers from meningitis

How is Ear candling?

1. Any kind of viral, bacterial or fungal infection can cause the ear to flow.

2.There is also a problem of ear flowing, even when the external ear is hurt, abscess, or fungus.

3 Air pollution, allergies, throat infections, chickenpox, fever, malnutrition or, sometimes due to infections in the teeth, can also cause ear flowing.

Ear candling

In people with ear-flowing problems, doctors ask questions about the first person’s symptoms and medical history.

After this the doctor performs a physical examination. During history and physical examination, doctors often understand the cause of the ear leakage, after which there is no need for a test.

During asking about the history of medicine, doctors ask about the following:

• Does the person have any activity to damage the ear (eg swimming, use of external objects inside the ear)?

• Has the person been infected in the ear?

• Has the person suffered a serious head injury?

What is the cause of Ear candling

Leak may cause the following reasons:

Ear infection occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects the middle ear (place behind the curtain).

External objects in the body

An external object is something that is in the body but it is not part of the body. It can be mistakenly or deliberately put into the body.

External ear infection (swimmer’s ear)

The initial symptoms of swimmer ear is itching in the ear. Later symptoms have a white and water leakage. It is mainly in the time of swimmers and summer.

Middle ear infection (otitis media) 

Medium ear infection (otitis media) occurs when a virus or bacteria swells in the rear area of ​​the ear. This is the most common among children.


If an infection is spread in your middle ear and block your cordon tube (Eustachian tube), then it may cause severe infection in the masticoid bone.

Malignant otitis externa

This occurs when an ear infection spreads to the outer ear and surrounding tissues.

Head injury

Head injury is caused by injury to your brain, scalp or head. All head injuries should be treated and evaluated by the doctor seriously. This situation is considered an emergency, it may require urgent care.

Damage to the ear screen

A hole in the ear screen can be leak from the ear or scratch.


Cholestatoma is a non-cancerous disease, which can develop in the ear.

Head fracture

This situation is considered an emergency, it requires urgent care.


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