What is Dyspepsia : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is Dyspepsia?

If we are not well digested then what we eat is a disturbance in all the activities of the body. As a result, the body seems to be weak, bloodless and useless. This is called dyspepsia or indigestion disease. A good appetite is a sign of health and strength. The lack of desire for food is found in almost all diseases.

This symptom refers to both nervous problems and somatic diseases. It feels pain or burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach. Acid present in the stomach comes in contact with the sensitive, protective layers of the digestive system, the result comes from the stimulation and inflammation of these layers (pain and bloating), which results in the development of Dyspepsia.

Because if you feel hungry, you can easily treat it through home remedies. According to Ayurveda, gastrointestinal weakness becomes due to the accumulation of vomit and dad defect in the body, thus causing the person to feel less hungry.

In such a situation a person feels full or uncomfortable without eating much. Indigestion occurs with almost everyone who may be due to eating habits or weak digestion. In such a situation, the person may feel stomach heavy after eating, feeling irritation in the stomach or esophagus, feeling excessive gas or tumor in the stomach. Do not ignore these symptoms of indigestion if you feel like these symptoms.

How to grow Dyspepsia?

Mixing dry ginger in ghee and drinking it by drinking lots of hot water is very good. Eating grinded ginger before rocking before eating it raises the appetite. Sprinkle red chillies in lemon juice for forty days and make two two tablets. Take a pill, increase appetite.

Make roti with rock salt and oven mixed with wheat bran. It increases hunger. Moth Dal is the destroyer of mildew and fever. A half gram sambhar salt will be eroded by drinking water in the morning. Hungry ripe straws of ripe tomatoes opens.

Take out two pulp of pulp and cook it in three hundred grams of milk. Drink milk on the excretion of the wellbeing. It also digestes food and it also looks hungry.

How to spread Dyspepsia?

When a doctor can not get the reason for indigestion, then there may be functional dyspepsia in the person. To explain the symptoms, it is a type of indigestion without any structural or metabolic disease. This can be due to incompatibility of the stomach, which prevents it from accepting and digesting food in a normal manner.

How does Dyspepsia work?

• Eat a little food, do not eat too much food together.

• Avoid consuming spicy, fatty foods that can cause acid reflex for you.

• Eat slow and do not eat immediately before bedtime.

• Do not consume smoking and alcohol.

What is the reason for Dyspepsia?

1. Random Life Style i.e. no daily work time is definite. Such as the time and duration of sleeping, the time of meal, the time of roaming or the time of exercise etc.

2. Mental stimulation and excessive mental exertion – It is natural to be disturbed by disturbances in the natural function of the nervous system, such as excessive anxiety, bad news, reading etc.

3. Stemitis, geningwitite, caries;

4. Octitis in children under the age of 4 years;

5. Esophagitis;

6. Gastritis, gastroodenitis, peptic ulcer;

7. Viral, toxic, autoimmune hepatitis;

8. Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus;

9. Enteritis, enterocolitis, colitis;

10. Bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, respiratory viral infection;

11. Pylonphritis, cystitis, prostatitis, urethra;

12. Hypothyroidism, Mycacemma;


What is the symptoms of Dyspepsia?

1. Lack of appetite or infernal appetite. Always the desire to eat spicy, sour and hot spicy things

2. Gaining air in the stomach, frequent dizziness, chest trouble Water in the mouth.

3. Pressed mood, lack of desire for communication, isolation, unrest in sleep. In diseases of the nervous system, other symptoms may appear. Their severity depends on the nature and nature of each individual. The most dangerous disease is considered anorexia nervosa, which gives rise to body fatigue and is difficult to cure.

What is the cure for Dyspepsia?

The disease is determined by physical examination. Other investigations include:

• Breathing or blood test.


• Barium Swallow and Mile X-ray

What is the drug of Dyspepsia?

Often hunger is considered as a blessing, especially by people limited by obesity, heavily employed or subsistence. However, the lack of appetite should not be taken care of. Appetite is one of the important physical indicators.

Its change in body temperature, pressure, respiratory rate or change in pulse, indicates changes in the function of some body systems.

What is the treatment of Dyspepsia?

Heavy medicines, auto-training, psychological support stops heavy stress. As a rule, the presence of appetite indicates improvement in neuropsychological condition.

There is also close link between the condition of the condition of endocrine diseases and the need for food. Treatment usually has a positive effect on appetite.
Severe psychiatric disorders, such as dementia, sometimes require forced food through the gastroestomy tube.


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