What is Diarrhea : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea has to be either bowel movements or stools very thin or both can occur. In which the water part is high, keeps coming from a short spacing of time. Frequent thinning of tissue stools is called frequent.

This is a common disease known to children and young people and the elderly. Diarrhea is considered to be the biggest cause of the death of infants in the country. Since diarrhea is not found in the body by getting water and mineral salts, the nutrition of the body is not necessarily found in the diarrhea.

The result is that sometimes it saves the child’s life. The disease of diarrhea is due to the digestion of the food inside the body of the person, not properly digested inside the body. Diseases  begin to occur due to uneven meal and eating disorders in food. In this disease, the food made by humans is not properly digested through the digestive nerve.

If the food inside the body is not properly digested. From unbalanced and erratic eating habits, using contaminated water, drinking empty stomach tea, by consuming more cold foods, avoiding inedible and alien substances, due to lack of digestive function, disruption of the liver process Often this is caused by the disease. In this disease, the patient seems to have thin stools like mango-like water.

It has to go to mourn over and over again. The patient becomes very weak when the disease is prolonged and the patient dies even when he is not taken for treatment.

Diarrhea is thin?

Two conditions- One, which has to be discharged more than five times a day or thin stool. This can be called the serious condition of diarrhea. In the proportional diarrhea, the person normally stays away from the stool more often and some thin stools.


In this disease, there is a thin stool repeatedly for a short time. The discomfort of the patient increases. Stomach aches, torsion, wrinkle, cough, etc. symptoms are clearly visible.


Fast pain is a common symptom of diseases of blood and mucus. Dehydration does not occur in all these diseases. Infections can be accompanied by a fever accompanied by a fever. Typically, due to infections due to infections, blood or mucous emerges.

Most of these diseases are due to infection. TIG is due to lack of cleanliness. These diseases of humans are due to poor conditions of living.

Diarrhea in children needs special attention. As mentioned earlier, half of these causes a virus infection. It often leads to dehydration. This often leads to the death of children, hence the main part of treatment is water. This will be discussed separately in children’s health chapters.

 What to Eat?

The food that relaxes in squirts is a thin slurry of moong dal. This khichdi should be eaten without ghee with buttermilk or whey. Do not use chilli-spiced food or dish until it cleanses it. Drink water of basil leaves throughout the day. To make this water, add four to five basil leaves in a liter of water and boil it. Put this water in a copper vessel. It can also be used to kill stomach worms.

 is due to?

This occurs due to accumulation of excess fluid in the intestines, absorption of fluid from the intravenous fluid or passing through the stools rapidly in the intestines. This disease does not digest food, contaminated food, infection, intestinal swelling, dysentery Disease, etc. It becomes mostly due to indigestion. The stomach in the stomach wants to get out from the intestines, but due to the decomposition process, it comes out in a thin form.

1) The main reason is water and food and drinking.

2) Infections of insects or bacteria in the stomach.

3) Due to viral infection.

4) Cleanliness should not be done properly.

5) Lack of water in the body.

6) Recovery from any drug


The main symptom of diarrhea and sometimes the only symptoms, distorted squirrel, are frequent. In extreme conditions, the lower part of the abdomen appears to be painful and uneasy, or known to some time before excretion. By staying for a long period of slow , or in very hot conditions, the patient’s body becomes sluggish


1. Being nausea:

When a person feels that he is going to have nausea or bait, it can also mean that he may have diarrhea.

2 Spasms:

It is often seen that whenever a person has diarrhea, he develops stomach cramps. This cramping is very painful

3 Bloodshed in septicemia:

When a person suffers from diarrhea, it is often seen that blood is also present during the excretion of someone and when this time is over, this disease can also change in hemorrhoids. .


Diarrhea can be chronic or chronic, and different types of diarrhea have different causes and treatments. The complications arising from diarrhea include dehydration (dehydration), electrolyte (mineral) abnormality, and burning sensation in the blood. Dehydration (dehydration) can be reduced with the help of the drinkers rehydration solution and if necessary, intravenous fluids can also be taken.


Some medicines, such as penicillum. Due to diarrhea, more than 700 medicines are known. Classes of medicines due to squabbles are luxates, antacids, heartbeat drugs, antibiotics, anti-neoplastic drugs, anti-inflammatory, as well as many dietary supplements.

While antibiotics are beneficial in some types of acute, they are usually not used except for specific conditions. There are concerns that antibiotics can increase the risk of hemolytic uremic syndrome in people infected with Escherichia coli o 157: H7. In resource-poor countries, treatment with antibiotics can be beneficial.

However, some bacteria are developing antibiotic resistance, especially Shigella. Antibiotics may also cause diarrhea, and antibiotic-related, with the common antibiotics, the most common adverse effect of treatment.


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