What is Datura Poisoning : Roadside Poison, Reason, Treatment

Datura poisoning

What is Datura poisoning?

Datura is a plant. It is about 1 meter high. This tree is black-white in two colors. And black flowers are blue spots. Hindu people take datores and carry fruits, flowers and leaves on Shankarji. Acharya Charak has addressed this as ‘Kanak’ and Sushrut by ‘Manmatt’. In the texts of Ayurveda, it has been kept in toxicology. Many different diseases are cured by the use of different parts of it in small amounts.

Datura plant is available in all over India in abundance with ease. Generally grown on the edge of the fields, in forests, villages and cities, they are grown up there. People worship the Lord Shiva and use its flowers and fruits. Datura white, black, blue, yellow and red flowers, five castes are found in which black Datura is considered to be the best.

Its plant is 3 to 5 feet tall and is bushy. Stems, branches are purple or light-colored. Addresses are 3 to 7 inches long by heart size, oval, smooth, ductile or curved. Flowers, clockwise, trumpet size, together with 2-2 or 3-3 white, 5 to 7 inches long for purple aura. The fruits are green, pronged, round-round, with 4 segments hanging downwards. When the fruit gets cooked, they break up irregularly, out of which, flattened, spicy brown, many small stem cells are scattered and disintegrated.

What is the reason for Datura poisoning?

Dhatro’s addresses and seeds are quite poisonous. If consumed more than the prescribed quantity, it develops acute inflammation and swelling in the mouth, throat, stomach. The person feels thirsty thirsty, the skin becomes dry, the eyes and the face become red, the body temperature increases, the dizziness starts, spreading the eyes of the eyes, two or more things of one are visible, the patient starts screaming It seems to be deluded, the pulse weakens, it starts moving randomly, even by asphyxia or heart attack, it can happen to death. You should immediately take the services of Vaidya or the doctor as soon as the symptoms of Datura poisoning are known.

Purification of seeds By packing seeds in a cloth bundle, add so much milk that it will sink. Boil it a lot. When the milk gets reduced, then the buds are boiled, add so much milk and boil again. After doing such experiment 3-4 times, the seeds will be harmless and non-existent, then use them as a medicine.

What is the treatment of Datura poisoning?

Datura toxicity’s stimulant behavior and confused mental condition are usually admitted to the hospital due to the victims. The administration of stomach pumping and active charcoal charcoal can be used to reduce the absorption of stomach of unfamiliar toxins. Drug physostigmine is used to remove the effects of poisons and benzodiazepine can be given to prevent patient movement and oxygen, hydrotherapy and symptomatic treatment is often provided. Inspection of patients persists continuously until symptoms are not resolved, usually 24-36 hours after the injection of Datura.

Fijostigmine should be administered intravenous at a rate of 0.5-2.0 mg for more than 1 ml / min for adults; If necessary, the second dose can be administered. Children should get 0.02 mg / kg intravenous intake and should not exceed 0.5 mg / min. The forced diaries of extracorporeal elimination and the Belladonna alkaloids are not viable alternatives. Conclusion Among the members of the Datura species, there is abundant amount of belladonna alkoloid which can produce both locally and systemic anticholinergic toxicity. Due to the risk of Datura species, death is rare, but adverse effects are very common. Treatment is helpful in the use of physostigmine in more severe cases of poisoning.

Datura poisoning


1. Impact of scorpion toxin Datura Bichu Ka Vish Ko Prabhavin Kare Datura:

Grinding of granule leaves on the part of the stinger will give relief in pain and poison will be ineffective.

2. Vitamins on the ulcer, abscesses, Phode – Funsi Per Datura:

Heat the ghee on the leaves warmly and bind them on the victim’s place, the pelvis, boils and fissures are saturated.

3. Destroy the head of the yoke, remove the niche from Sir Dharuura, Leekh Nasth Kre Datura Se:

Applying juice of the leaves in the roots of the head hair destroys the yolk and the nikhs. Mixing camphor juice in juice is more effective.

4. Datura Datura for Earache for Earache:

Heat the juice of Dhatro leaves and gives 2-3 drops of lukewarm relief in ear pain.

5. Datura on dog bites Datura on dog bites:

It is beneficial to grind red chilies in a juice of leaves and apply it on a bite.

6. Datura Datura in toothache in toothache:

Dissolving the worms in the small amount of pulp of the pulp made by grinding the seeds in the water will get relief in pain by destroying the worm.

7. Datura intake when asthma attacks Datura intake when asthma attacks:

Mix the powder of dried leaves of Dhatro with the powders of oats and fennel in the spleen and smoke, the tour will get immediate relief.

8. Datura to stop abortion: Datura to stop abortion:

Taking the root of Dhatura tied to the waist of pregnant woman does not lead to abortion.

9. Benefits of Dieta in Breast Reduction Benefits from Datura in Breastitis:

Apply a small amount of turmeric and opium, grinded dhartro leaves on the breast in the morning and evening.

10. Treatment of Joint Pain in Datala Treatment of Joint Pain with Datura:

Dieting oil on massage sufferers will ease the pain.


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