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Well it is common for coughs due to cold. And this cold is only for more than 2-3 weeks, after which it goes with the help of medicines or even by itself. But be careful if you do not have a cold reason for frequent . This is not only a disease, it can also call a body’s protective mechanism or remedy. Our system tries to get rid of the bacteria and germs of diseases to the body.

In this we have a little bit of trouble because muscles and other parts of the body are stressed, but in reality, the body is trying to protect itself inside. Many times it does not even need cure to cure it itself, it itself becomes correct. Most  treatment is done with domestic prescriptions. If someone more then they can be signs of serious illness. Mucus, dust or smoke is done to clean the path.

But when persists for more than two weeks, its diagnostic test becomes important. According to experts, ignoring with light pain in the chest at the beginning, the main reason for the serious health problem is that is usually a side effect of cold and flu, but it is allergic, asthma, acid reflux, dry air and some Drugs can also be caused.

This can be very painful and irritating.  Black Cough (English: Pertusis, whopping ) is a bacterial infection that initially affects the nose and throat. It often affects the respiratory system of children under 2 years of age. Naming this disease has been done on the basis that a person suffering from this disease makes a sound like barking while breathing.

How is cough?

Common, congested (which has a tour), black and asthma all cough. Black cough is called such a cough, which comes continuously, in which there is no chance of breathing or breathing after a long time. Usually this happens to children and adolescents.


“This problem arises due to sudden change in the weather, such as dust, smoke and pollution. Patients need specialized treatment in such incidents, which provide relief from the symptoms of dry cough. This treatment helps a person do better with his daily activities easily “.


1. Viral Infections

2. Flu

3. cold

4. Smoking

5. Due to dust and soil contact

6. Having a major illness like TB, asthma, lung disease

7. Allergies

8. Acid reflux: Yes acid reflux is also considered to be the father of dry cough

9. Side effects of any medication: Due to the side effects of high blood pressure medicines, there is also a dry cough.

10. Tension

11. Weather changes

12. To be more cold

What is the symptoms of cough?

Causes of cough can be detected by related symptoms. Causes of cough can also be detected by having acute cough or chronic cough.

short term:

it is divided into two parts like infectious and non-communicable causes.

Symptoms of Infectious Causes?

1. Fever

2. Headache

3. sinus pressure

4. Drowsy nose

5. Sore throat

6. Vomiting

7. Jig

8. Body pain

9. Coldness

10. Mucus

11. Night sweats

12. Post Nessle drip

13. Symptoms of non-communicable causes

14. The exposure of the person to dust or any chemical

15. Such that is cured by inhalers or allergy-related treatment.

16. Cough with wheezing


Antibiotics are used to treat this disease, which reduces the fear of its tour. The use of antibiotics can prove to be quite beneficial if the disease is detected in the early stage. Erythromycin or ampicillin is used for seven to ten days.

Nowadays the behavior of chloramphenicol is excessive as this drug is highly inexpensive. Pills can be given to remove panic. A bronchodilator is given to reduce the contraction of the respiratory tubes. syrup is also given to remove.



It is necessary for all babies to take vaccine for Black cough. This immunization is often given as diphtheria, tetanus and cooker  (pertureasis) in the DTP joint form. The earlier infection and vaccination do not guarantee the inconversion throughout life. However, after the age of 6, the increase in vaccination is not recommended until the infection is done.


1. Mix ginger juice and honey in equal quantity (1-1 teaspoon amount) and after mixing them softly, take 3-4 times a day, cure ciliary cures. In the cough of the children, the mixture of 1-2 in the mixture of this mixture, it is enough to take 2-3 times in the day. Only 2-3 days will be profitable. At the same time, eyes, colds will also be cured. (Note that honey should not be too hot)

2. Tulsi tea with ginger and black pepper is consumed with cough etc.. Method of preparation of this tea – To make basil tea, fresh 7 green leaves of basil or powder of basil leaves dried in the shade, fourth quarter spoon filled, black pepper grains 7 (slightly crushed) dry sauce powdered quarter teaspoon or fresh Take 2 grams of ginger and add them to 1 cup boiling water and let it boil 4-5.

After that, take down the vessel and keep it covered for 2 minutes. After that, add the boiled milk 100 ml and 1-2 teaspoons of sugar or sugar together and take hot drink and sleep for 5-10 minutes after clothing. This experiment gets rid of  cold headaches, colds and throat diseases. Along with this it is the exact medicine of  caused by phlegm.

3. Mix 3 grams powder of Ates with honey and  cure after lick.

4. Mix ginger, juice of basil leaves and 6-6 grams of these leaves and take it 2-3 times a day to remove. This is the increase of the dry cough, home remedies.

5. Make powder by grinding hard, ferret, amla, naugh, black pepper and pepper all in equal amounts. Taking this powder with honey in the amount of 3-3 grams per day, all types of cough are treated immediately.

6. Mix cardamom powder and honey in ginger juice and take it lightly by taking it lightly, it provides relief from.

7. Take a quarter spoon of cinnamon and honey half teaspoon and take it in the evening with lukewarm water.


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