What is Cocaine Poisoning : Reason, Cause, Symptom

Cocaine Poisoning

What is Cocaine Poisoning?

Cocaine uses thousands of emergency departments (ED) visits each year and hundreds of deaths. While in most cases cocaine is a coincidence (such as trauma, psychological or infection), cocaine eat for many of these toxic traps. The major effects of cocaine poisoning include CNS effects such as movement, touring and psychology, and cardiovascular effects such as diirtymias, myocardial infarctions, and cardiovascular degeneration.

Cocaine pharmacology is complex with many effects in many organ systems. However, the initial event for all these systems is simple; The cocaine membrane binds to bound proteins, which include transporter, receptors and voltage-gated ion channels. Once the conversation is done, a specific signal is triggered (or blocked), and the combination of these effects produces clinical manifestations of cocaine poisoning.

Cocaine-protein interaction is dependent on two main factors: the concentration of cocaine (assuming that protein concentration is stable) and the relation between cocaine and protein. By describing serum cocaine concentration and the relation of cocaine for the relevant protein, we will describe the mechanism of acute cocaine toxic system to help the physicians to understand the progress of cocaine toxicity and suggest possible therapies for acute cocaine poisoning.

Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid, which is obtained from the leaves of coca. This name comes from “coca”, in which the cation of alkalassar suffix -in it becomes cocaine. It is a stimulant and an antidote to the central nervous system. In particular, it is a serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor, which mediates functionality such as external cetcholamine transporter ligand. Because the way it affects the Mesolimic reward pathway, cocaine is addictive.

In non-medicinal and non-sanctioned purposes, it is illegal to keep, cultivate and distribute it in almost all parts of the world. Although its independent commercialization is illegal and there is a serious penal offense in almost all countries, it is widely used worldwide in many social, cultural and personal environments.

What is the reason for Cocaine Poisoning?

1. Much cocaine is concentrated, or very cocaine

2. Using cocaine when the weather is hot, which is more

3. Loss and Side Effects Due to Dehydration

4. Using cocaine with some other drugs

What are the symptoms of Cocaine Poisoning?

When a person misuses cocaine, his body experiences many sensations and physical changes, all of which are related to his strong stimulating effects. When a person uses too much, then this effect can be out of control, which is due to excessive amount.

1. Arrhythmias (irregular heart rhythm)

2. Severe tachycardia (high heart rate)

3. Very high blood pressure

4. Dangerously high body temperature

5. Sweat

6. Nausea

7. Confusion

8. Serious concern or movement

9. Psychology

10. Shaking

11. Tours

12. Stroke

The possibility of overdose is difficult to predict, because it can be influenced by many variables, including the purity of the sample, the method used, and the user’s general health. Do not make any mistake, however, for the first time users can also die for cocaine overdose.

Cocaine Poisoning

What is the cure for Cocaine Poisoning?

If you suspect that someone is facing cocaine overdose, then it is important that you immediately call 911. Instant professional medical assistance is the best option for improving the possibilities of a person’s existence.

Once help is being made, you can do some things to help the person

suffering from cocaine overdose:

1. If the users are confiscated, make sure that there is nothing near the pass, so that they can hurt themselves.

2. Get a cold compression and keep them to help reduce your body temperature.

3. Stay with them till medical assistance arrives.

Once they are in emergency care, their cardiac complications, temperature problems, hypoglycemia and neuropsychic issues will be monitored closely.


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