What is chickenpox : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

varicella Chickenpox scars. As with chickenpox in children, adults who have chickenpox get red blisters that burst and then crust over leaving behind depressed, thickened scars.

What is chickenpox?

chickenpox is a very serious illness due to a virus called variola (say: vair-ee-oH-luh) virus. Smallpox gets its name full of blisters (or locks) that are formed during the disease. Although the names may sound evenly, smallpox is not related to chickenpox, which is a mild disease due to a different virus. It is difficult for someone to do this. Right now, there is no case of smallpox in the United States. In fact, the last case of smallpox in the United States was in 1949, and the last case of the world was in 1977.

How chickenpox spread?

Smallpox is contagious. This means that the virus can spread to others. When a person coughs, talks or sneezes, it spreads through the droplets of the saliva (infected person) of the infected person. Chickenpox usually passes through the person from person to person during close, face-to-face contact.

What is the reason for chickenpox?

A poxvirus called variola (the poxviridae family of the virus, genus orthopocevirus) causes the smallpox. Verolla is a relatively large brick-shaped virus with double-stranded DNA. The virus remains in large numbers in many organs of infected people (skin, kidneys, spleen, liver, and other organ). Due to the toxicity of the toxicity of the toxicity, which is trying to react to the viral particles in large numbers of immune complexes.

Virola infection occurs only in humans, which was helpful in ending the disease. There are two strains called Veriella Major and Verla minor (also called Alastium). As with the names, VerioLa can cause serious illness and death in comparison to the major minor minor. The cause of the disease is a virus, which remains in the nostrils and spit of the patient and in the spinal cord and spread through the point of transmigration.

Khurand is also pulverized due to the spread of disease by clothing or other items. This virus is also of two types. A major, which produces furious disease, the second is minor, which causes the disease of mildew. Virus producing cow-pox often does not intimidate man, nor does he reach from one person to another.

What are the symptoms of chickenpox?

Historical accounts show that when a respiratory infection is infected with the virus, then it had no symptoms between seven to 17 days. However, once the incubation period (or virus development phase) is over, the following flu symptoms appear:

1. High fever

2. Cold

3. Headache

4. Critical Back Pain

5. Stomach Pain

6. Vomiting

These symptoms will go within two to three days. Then the patient will feel better. However, as soon as the patient started feeling better, a bang would appear. The face started on the face and then spread to the hands, forearm and body parts. The person will be highly contagious until the accident disappears.

People infected with smallpox develop some symptoms (for example, fever, headache, back pain, and general fatigue) which are very similar to very less serious illnesses. However, the signal to indicate is the development of a unique skin rash. The tooth, which contains indentation (hollow area) in its center, covers the entire body.

The tooth grows forward for a bouncy collision, then a blister filled with a powder, which crusts and scabs are eliminated before it falls after about three weeks, which leaves behind a dry scar.

The emergence of the disease is called two weeks, but it can be even less. Early symptoms include mucus, headache, pain in the back and especially in the triplet region, cramping in the body, fever, sore throat, coughing, sore throat and nasal bleeding, which last for two to three days. Thereafter, the chlamydia rashes come out on the skin. In the mouth, throat and larynx, small vials become vesicles, which in turn become transmitted to the ulcer.

The third or fourth and sometimes the other day, the smallpox’s special rash is visible. The order of its condition and appearance is characteristic of the disease. The small red spots (macules) first appear on the frontal and the wrist, then the arm, fuselage, back and ends on the trunk respectively. Their number is more on frontal and face and on forearm and hands, and among them, on the skin of the broadcaster muscles. The arms, upper part of the chest, and the front of the nudgeon bend have a lot to escape. In the chamber (axilla) it does not leave.

What is the treatment of chickenpox?

There are no tablets that can treat smallpox, but the scientists are researching to develop the drug for the disease. If a breathing virus is infected, then getting the vaccine within few days of being infected can reduce the symptoms of the disease.

If you are afraid to hear about smallpox, then remember that it is very impossible that you, your family, or whatever you know, will ever come in contact with the virus which causes it. Talking to your teacher or parents can make you feel better and you can answer any other questions you have.

There is no cure for smallpox virus. As a result of the worldwide, repeat vaccination program, the variala virus (chickenpox) has been completely eradicated. Only small people are considered risks for smallpox, they are researchers who work with it in laboratory settings.


Treatment for smallpox is helpful, which means that patients should be hydrated, fever should be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or similar medicine, and to determine if patient needs blood pressure support, Should be monitored by Although there are no proven drugs to work against human infection, some drugs have been promised in the laboratory, which include the derivative of antiviral medication, Cidofovir (WISTID), its analog and anti-virus ST-246. Intravenous vaccine immunoglobulin (VIIGI) has been used in the initial contingency contingent pollution of the eyes or mouth.

Remedies and medicines of chickenpox.

There is no disease of the disease. Penicillin use is beneficial in the case of puberty. The use of other antibiotics is also used to eradicate the toxic effects of the platonic tissue. The best treatment is necessary for the health benefits of the patient.

Disease vaccine is a specific way of preventing disease. The vaccine that is used in the vaccine is the vaccine of this disease, which is called lymph. It is produced from cow pox in the calves and the pistachios of the explosives are stored in them. When giving vaccine on the skin cleaned, scratched with a clean device, a drop of lymph is spread and strained by the instrument handles.

If a physician treats smallpox as a possible diagnosis for any patient, then public health authorities should be notified immediately and their instructions on safety measures should be followed carefully for medical carers and others. They can help determine whether additional testing is needed or not. Health care professionals can test the material from blisters, throat swells and blood samples for the presence of Veriola DNA.

Therapists do these tests in the CDC and require prior authorization. The person receiving the sample should have recently vaccination vaccination (within three years) or there should be no contradiction for immediate immunization. There is the possibility of consultation with infectious specialists, emergency medicine specialists, transit control specialists, and trained experts in the biological warfare. During the development of complications, it may be necessary to consult with other specialists such as eye diseases specialists.


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