What is birth control : Pictures, Types, Side Effects


What is birth control?

Birth control shot is a form of progesterone. It is a hormone that is naturally produced in the ovary. Hormone progesterone mainly works in preventing ovulation (release of egg during menstrual cycle) in berth control shot. If a woman does not ovulate, she can not become pregnant because there is no egg fertilization in it.

This shot also works by thickening the female’s cervical mucus, which prevents sperm from reaching the egg and thus women will not be able to conceive. Apart from this, it helps prevent women from becoming pregnant.

  1. This is a fairly new way of birth control. So let’s learn in detail what is the birth Control Emulsion, its type and its precautions.
  2. In some research, it has also been revealed that contraception tablets are not beneficial in terms of health. Therefore, the doctor should take this advice before taking them out.

3. Birth Control Emulsion is a tool placed under the skin of a woman. These devices release a hormone which prevents pregnancy.

4. Medroxyprogesterone (often called ‘The Shot’) is a contraceptive injection in which progestin is found.

5. Progestone is an artificial form of progesterone hormone. This injection is injected into the woman’s body, which does not cause ovulation.

6. This shot also works by thickening the female’s cervical mucus, which prevents the sperm from reaching the egg.

birth control methods?

1. Temporary methods

This is the advantage of temporary methods that they can easily be closed as necessary. Their main goal is to increase the difference in birth.

The mechanical contraceptive

(a) IUD  intra uterine device

(b) diaphragm (diaphragm)

(c) condom or detention

A. Endometriosis (IUD) 

This method is very popular in women. It is a double-sized device made of polyethylene called ‘lipase-loop’ whereas that copper-T (copper ‘T’) is made of copper and polyethylene, the copper ‘T’ can be easily penetrated and its The bleeding may also be less and better than the other.

U.D. Through the fertilization of the fertilized ovum itself is prevented from joining the uterine wall.

b. Diaphragm 

This is a rubbery vaulting instrument, which is used by the physician or nurse to inspect the women in the diagnostic houses, to prevent the circulation of the serovox before the forearm and to prevent the entry of sperms into the uterus. Education is given.

c. Condom (detention) 

This preventive method is used by men. This made of fine rubber is a tool to cover genitalia. It is worn before sexual intercourse.

2. Hormonal method

1. Anti-oral pills that are used by women.

2. Research work is being done on such golios which inhibit the production of sperm in men.

3. Injection and other medicines of Depo provero. These are not used in more use in India.

3. Natural methods

  1. Rhythm or safe term method: 

Based on the calculation of days, it is the goal of not to interfere in the fertilizer period.

2. Ovulation method: 

This method is more accurate than the rhythm method. It is taught to women that keep in mind the changes that occur during ovulation which is the fertilizer period. During this period of cervical mucosa it is known that it remains more slippery, whereas in other period it is sticky like a paste. The temperature of the vagina is more than normal from the osmosis period.

3. Intercourse intercourse: 

In this period, the man takes his shish out before the semen gets exhausted.

4. Permanent methods

1.Female sterilization:

This surgery is for women. By the use of modern technology, which includes ‘laparoscopy‘, it is very simple and safe. This is a small operation, in which a small portion of the two sides of the falapin tube is extracted. Only 2 cm in the abdomen Prolonged incision Which is closed by one of the stitches. The best time for this is in a period of 7 days postpartum. But it can be done at any time.

2. Male sterilization: 

This man has simple and safe operation. In which the small piece on both sides of the sperm is removed. A small incision is required to be provided in the scotome. It takes only 10 minutes and the man can go home the same day.

What are the symptoms of  berth control?

Inhibiting devices prevent sperm from stopping the fetus from reaching the egg. They do not cause any changes or side effects in the body of a woman or a man. These devices are also safe for breastfeeding women. Most of these instruments rescue against STDs including HIV / AIDS. When a woman wishes to conceive, just stop using this tool.
Inhibitor tools include condoms for men, condoms for women, diaphragm and spermatozoon.

Rifampin is an antibiotic that can weaken the hormonal contraception (contraceptive effects) of the contraceptive pills, patches and the virgin ring. Consult with the doctor about which measures are right for you. Even if yeast infestation or HIV medicines are ongoing, the effect of contraception will be reduced.


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