What is Asthma : Expands, Increases, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


What is Asthma?

Asthma is a condition that affects the small airways present in the lungs that is called bronchitis. It can start at any age, but most of it starts in childhood. One out of every 10 children and one in 20 is suffering from severe asthma. There are problems in breathing, problems arising in breathing, chest tightness, cough etc. Asthma patients have to take care of their food because the problem gets worse due to the wrong eating habits. There are problems in breathing, problems arising in breathing, chest tightness, cough etc.. Asthma patients have to take care of their food because the problem gets worse due to the wrong eating habits.

Breathing canals, whose walls are made of thin cartilage, tend to shrink. The infections in these ducts result in swelling and contraction, which begins to block the inhalation. Due to the lungs, the vessels that produce clean air will become thin, due to which the swelling and cough also accumulate in the lungs, due to non-treatment at the time the disease becomes disturbed. In asthma, it is natural to have anxiety, wheezing, chest tightness and cough in the patient. Due to which, swelling and phlegm also accumulates in the lungs, due to non-treatment at the time, this disease gets disturbed. In asthma, it is natural to have anxiety, wheezing, chest tightness and cough in the patient.

Asthma is a minor problem for some people, whereas for others it is a serious disease that affects the daily activities of the person and may have a life-threatening asthma attack, usually if it is a heritable family of asthma in the family If there is a disease then the probability of it increases. This can not be cured, but its symptoms can be brought under control by various types of treatment or it can be tried better.

Related Conditions?

Many other health conditions are more frequent in people suffering from asthma, including: Gastro-isophagial reflex disease (GERD), Rhinosinusitis and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Psychological disorders are also quite common, from which anxiety disorders occur in 16-52% of people and mood disorders in 14-41% of people. Although it is not known now that develops psychological problems or psychological problems are the cause of asthma.

How asthma increases?

• early in the morning or early in the morning

• Cold air or fog

• After much workout

• In the rain or cold weather


Methylone Challenge involves inhaling the growing quantities of any element responsible for contraction of respiratory tract in the previously sensitive ones. If negative, it means that the person does not have asthma; Although being positive is not specific to this disease.

Other evidence includes: The peak expiratory flow rate gap of ≥20% in three days per week for at least two weeks, with the treatment by salbutamol, due to the improvement of ≥20% in the peak expiratory flow rate or the release of some stimulants ≥ 20% reduction in peak flow. The peak exhaust flow test is more variable than the spirometry, although it is recommended for regular diagnosis.



This can be due to many reasons, which have actions in everyday life, such as,

1. This weather can be due to allergies, perfumes, food items and smelly environments.

2. Cochrot can also be caused due to termination due to termites and other insects.

3. Due to food, wheat, flour, milk, potatoes and pigs and cow’s meat can also be due to it.

4. Also occurs due to allergic and non-allergic conditions such as emotional stress, air pollution, infection and other genetic causes.

5. Stagnation of the pollen grains of trees and grass in the lung canal.


Symptoms of asthma appear different in each person. Some people have visits sometimes, while in some people the symptoms of  appear only when exercising, while in some people the symptoms of this disease are always present.

The symptoms of asthma are:

• Shortness of breath

• Chest tightness or pain

• Difficulty in sleeping due to difficulty in respiration, throat swallowing, cough in the throat and mucus. (Read more – Household remedies to cure sore throat)

• Exposing wheezing or wheezing while leaving the breath, are common symptoms in children.

• Cough and mucus in the neck due to cold or cold due to fever due to infection in the airway.

• In addition, some individuals have symptoms of during exercise, and these symptoms become more severe in cold or dry air.

•  Increase due to dust, gas, smoke and chemicals in people who work in factories.


There is no cure for asthma. When the symptoms of this appear, the person should show the doctor and consult the doctor to control this disease. Usually doctors give some medicines to save the patient from to reduce the symptoms of asthma. Apart from this, the patient is also given therapy so that the symptoms of can be eliminated.

In the treatment of, efforts are made to reduce inflammation in the airways, and avoid any kind of allergies are advised. The main purpose of treatment is to reduce the attack by making the breathing of the patient normal and making daily activities easier. This inhalers are considered a good method for removing the symptoms of asthma, because in this method, medicines are delivered directly to the lungs which have a side effect. Some medicines are also given in pill or injection form.

As already mentioned, there is no cure for asthma. But its pain can be reduced by medication or by some domestic measures-

1. Put two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a liter of water, boil for half an hour, then filter it. Put two tablespoons of ginger paste in a sieve and take out the juice and put it in the fenugreek water. Then add one spoonful of pure honey in this mixture and mix well. This patients should drink this mixture daily in the morning. Read- Six Home Remedies For Relief From Viral Fever

2. Take two small spoons of Amla powder in a bowl and mix well with a small spoon of honey. Eat this mixture every morning.

3. Take honey in a bowl and sniffing it makes breathing easier for the asthmatic patient to breathe.

4. Add camphor in mustard oil and heat well according to need. A bowl to him, Put in Then massage the chest and back after the mixture becomes slightly cool. symptoms get relief for some extent when massage with this oil several times a day.

5. Garlic helps a lot in reducing the congestion of lungs. Boil ten-fifteen garlic in a frying pan and boil for some time. After that put in a glass and try to drink hot lukewarm. This milk should be consumed once a day.

6. Drinking a hot coffee gives patients relief. Because it eases the breathing process by clearing the bronchial pathway.

7. Mix a small spoon of ginger juice, pomegranate juice and honey in a bowl and mix well. After that take a big spoon to consume this mixture four to five times a day, relief from symptoms.

Normally, the disease of asthma causes a terrible disease due to cold in the winter season. At this time, with the help of these home remedies at this time, the pain of can be done to some extent in Kabubu, as well as some things can be prevented from growing by asthma meditation carefully-

Keep the inhaler with you

• Always keep the house clean so that there is no possibility of dust allergic

• Do not keep Christmas decorations for a long time during Christmas time so that dust does not go

• Keep yourself calm by exercising and meditation

• Do not breathe in the mouth because breathing through the mouth goes in the cold, which helps in increasing the disease.


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