What is anorexia nervosa : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

anorexia nervosa

Why does the desire to eat  do not happen?

Anorexia nervosa is a condition that inspires people with unusual fear of weight gain, causing people to become hungry and dangerously thin. It is more common in women but also in men. Anorexia is a lack of appetite, thereby decreasing weight loss and overall physical condition. In most cases, there is also skin pallor and conductibility.

This disease is often occurring in girls or young women, which is very rare in boys and men, although I have recently completely heard the opposite opinion. Often, anorexia occurs with bulimia. Since no one is able to control themselves at the same time, so he eagerly eats up to vomit. In the case of the obvious symptoms of “wolf hunger”, see the article BULIMIUM also.

People with this type of disorder are much more worried about their food and nutrients present in food. They worry that their calorie and fat will not increase their weight too much. Therefore, their catering becomes irregular and irregular eating and low doses have bad effects on their health and the body starts getting weak inside.

Anorexia does not want to eat food?

Mass media plays an important role in shaping and also shaping the perverse attitude of the body. Global brands of aggressive advertising campaigns do not work on labels – this body is “good”, and it’s “bad”. In fact, they sell conservatism: a woman should be like this, and a man should be like this. You do not match? Hold the label “Bad”.

The researchers conducted a study among adolescent girls and found that in bright articles, reading, weight and weight loss methods in special articles, self-resentment and excessive weight loss are the catalysts of actions. Apart from this, women who spend a lot of time on social networks are more likely to suffer from eating disorders than people living in the real world.

Anorexia does not want to eat food?

It is difficult to make the theater secretly in the form of anorexia, making it difficult to do something steady and inward, in response to that difficulty, sometimes the play turns into metaphor, whether in the set and Sahara- Due-bit and Paralyse With an elevated white fort, a respected medal for weight loss or gradually brown in the form of a blown balloon, unless it was ’empty, wrinkled, no fun’, or ‘alone in conversation,’ an ‘intangible comfort’ Like the ‘landscape’, or on top of a tall building, or like snorkelling, the world is distant and suppressed.

How Enorexia Does Not Deserve Desirable?

Despite their thin appearance, people with anorexia nervosa usually see themselves as fat or overweight. They can be important and perfectionist in themselves. The insistence of obtaining an ideal body can become a life-threatening passion.

anorexia nervosa

What is the reason for no desire to eat anorexia?

In some research earlier, genetic and hormonal changes are attributed to such disorders. Certain types of evidence are found in which the connection between anorexia and serotonin is found. In the results of the Minnesota fasting experiment, it was found that keeping people on diet, normal people display many behavioral patterns of anorexia nervosa.

This can happen due to various changes in the nasal-endocrine system, which results in an auto-circulating cycle. According to studies, possibly due to pre-existing prepression against AN, in some cases the loss of weight caused by dieting is generated by AN Being can be stimulating. There is no easy answer, but these ideas have been suggested as all clarifications:

• Genetics:

There is a lot of evidence that families have to deal with disorders, where victims do not have to be necessarily needed, and some genes not only make people more susceptible to eating disorders, but also related situations also for.

• The lack of an “off” switch:

Most of us only tell our body that it’s time to start eating again. In some people with anorexia, this same body can not be “switched” and can keep their body weight dangerous for long periods of time.

What are the symptoms of anorexia do not wish to eat?

Anorexia can cause chronic health problems, including bone slender, anemia, heart damage, and organ failure. It can also be lethal, although there are many special behavioral and physical signs related to anorexia nervosa, not all signs appear in every person.

In addition to the overflowing of hair called embryo-like on the body and face of the skin, there are symptoms like hollow or falling of the teeth, dilation of the stomach, and joints flowing. The type and intensity of the signs and symptoms can vary in every person and they are not easily seen even when present.

What is the treatment of anorexia do not wish to eat?

• Ginger

Ginger contains many medicinal properties. Before taking a meal with a small piece of ginger black salt and lemon, it will help the test buddies inside the mouth. It is also good for digestion. You can also eat ginger tea. If you are complaining about the pain of stress, headaches, muscles and joints, then you will know the wild salad leaf.

It is also very effective in body fatigue, depression and insomnia. Before sleeping, apply 30 to 120 milligrams in the feet, fatigue will disappear, and sleep will rest.

What is the drug no desire to eat anorexia?

Medicines, including antidepressants, can be prescribed to help manage the problems of mood in people suffering from anorexia. Medicines are effective for some people

What is the treatment of anorexia do not wish to eat?

Anorexia nervosa is treated with three main points in mind.

1) Returning the person to his healthy weight

2) Treating the disease related psychiatric disorders

3) Reducing or eliminating such behaviors or ideas, due to which the dietary process was basically distorted.

A synthetic form of Delta-9-THC, a psychotic compound derived from the resin of Marinol (Drobenbinol) cannabis sativa plant, is the subject of a clinical trial for use in the treatment of ANY nowadays.



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