What happens to hair growing : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment

hair growing

What happens to hair growing?

Means for hair growth:

Nowadays hair fall and hair loss have become a serious problem which gradually takes the form of baldness. Some years ago, the baldness problem was seen only in the age of drawers, but now the youth are also seeing this problem.

• Hair and hair fall both men and women. The report, printed in Science Translational Medicine, said that the search of medicines is also in progress to stop baldness. After research, a cream can also be formed to prevent baldness.

• Most males have baldness in the half-hind of age, while about 80 percent of men in the 70 years of age also have minor hair loss.

• In this case, sex hormone called testosterone plays an important role. Because of these, the vesicles of the hair shrink and gradually become so small that it becomes difficult to see them.

• In the case of baldness, head hair remains very low. The amount of baldness can be reduced or more. Baldness is also called alopecia.

• When abnormally high hair starts to fall, new hair can not grow as fast or they grow more thinner or weak than the first hair.

• It causes hair loss or starts to become less dense and should be alert in such condition as this condition leads to baldness.

• Some people complain that their hair does not grow again after falling. Therefore, they are concerned about the hair regurgitation.

• There are many options available in the market to get rid of the problem of hair. Many types of surgery also help hair to grow again.

• Some people are trying a hair transplant, but apart from this, there are many natural ways to grow hair again, by which you can easily get hair beauty again. Let’s learn about those ideas.

How hair is grown?

1. Androgenic alopecia

This is the most common and more men than women. That is why it is also called baldness of men. It is a permanent type of baldness and emerges on the skull in a special way. It starts from the monarchy and the upper part of the head and moves backwards.

It can start at any age after the youth and can partly or completely bald the person. For this type of baldness, predominantly the hormonal changes and heredity of testosterone are responsible.

2. Alopecia erita 

In the different parts of the head where the hair of the hair falls, it looks like the patch of baldness on the head. The reason for this is unknowable, but it is believed that this is due to the decrease in the body’s immune system.

3. Traction Alopecia 

This is due to the length of the hair in the same manner for a long time. Like, keep hairstyle or peak in a special way. But after changing the hairstyle, that is to eliminate the hair pull, it stops hair loss.

What is the reason for hair growing?

1.Genetic causes or aging

2.Hormone changes

3.Being seriously ill or having a fever

4.Due to certain medical reasons, such as cancer chemotherapy or excessive vitamin A

5.Because of emotional or physical stress

6.Hair is reduced by keeping the hair long in a special way.

What is the symptoms of hair growing?

Hair loss is the main symptom of Alopecia artery. Head hair usually disappears from the root in small round patches. These patches are usually of several centimeters or smaller sizes. Apart from this, other parts of the body also fall hair.

If you look carefully, you can find broken hair on pillows. After allopathic hair loss due to allopasia arata, the hair re-emerges and breaks again. But it happens in different ways in every person.

Hair becoming more slim is the only symptom of Alopecia artery. Hair fall in the front and middle of the head of the head is a symptom of this problem, whereas in women, the upper part of the hair begins to fall off. Men suffering from this disease may be completely bald while women’s hair does not fall completely.

The symptoms of Alopecia artery are low:

• Head hair fall apart.

• In the head, the shape of coin (coin shaped) shows the hair completely cleansing and baldness.

• Body parts and facial hair loss.

• Breach of head hair more.

• Hair loss of beards and eyelids

• Show white spots and lines in the head.

• Nail breakdown and nail polish.

• Nails become thinner and fall apart.

• Before hair fall, it usually has itching and burning in the head. It has also been observed that nearly 30 percent of allopathy sufferers of Alopecia are facing the problem of hair loss.

What is the treatment of hair growing?

Our hair gets worse when we do not eat nutritious food, stay in stress, due to illness or using a product made from chemical. Because of all these keratin is not produced in the body. Keratin is a chemical substance that causes hair to grow and due to its lack of hair, our hair gets nourished and it stops growing.

To get rid of this problem, there are many types of medicines, shampoo and hair oil available in the market, which are very expensive and do not get the good results from them.

The good news for you here is that we have a lot of natural remedies and home remedies that will relieve you from all kinds of hair problems, and by which you do not prevent hair from falling on your hair, but also new hair in their place. Can grow.

hair growing

What is the treatment of hair growing?

• Elephant-teeth:

By applying goat’s milk and urine in the ashes of elephant-teeth, the hair starts to grow by applying on the head.

• Mango:

Make a daily massage of one year old mango pickle oil. This reduces the disease of baldness.

• Banana:

By applying ripe banana paste with lemon juice, eliminating the cause of baldness.

• Yoghurt:

Let the curd rubbing it with a copper vessel so long that it becomes green. By applying it in the head, the hair begins to grow instead of baldness.


By massaging the head for one month with cabbage juice, the disease of baldness becomes correct.

• Altitude:

Grind 5-5 grams of alum and stem with water and apply it to 3-4 days instead of baldness.

• Clan:

Mix 5-5 grams of habit, crude suhaga and less roasted beans together and mix them together with mustard oil on the bald bald head of the head. This eliminates the disease of baldness.

• Arndi:

Burn the turmeric in Aradhi (mustard oil) or mustard oil and mix it with a little camphor and massage it on the bald head of the head. This starts to grow hair on the head.


Burn 20-20 grams of tobacco and let the leaves of the caner be burnt in 100 ml Mustard oil and apply it in the head. With this, head hair starts coming.

• Zhao:

After drying in the root shade of 100 grams of Zhao, boil it in 500 ml water, ie cracking of rough cloves, after 100 ml water is left, burn it in 100 ml of sesame oil, then put it in the hair after cooling it. It also reduces hair loss.

• Gorakhmundi:

Drinking 5 grams of Gorakhundi powder with water in the morning decreases hair loss.

• Black pepper:

Grinded with black pepper and salt powder onion, it provides relief from headache and hair loss complaints.

• Fenugreek:

Hair loss is done by applying fenugreek seeds in the hair. Grinding of Dana Fenugreek, instead of Ganj, daily by applying it, the hair grows.



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