Why is the uterine inflammation: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

Uterine Inflammation

What is Uterine Inflammation?

The uterus is also commonly known as female’s womb or womb. The average woman’s uterus size is 2.5 inches to 3-4 inches. The size and dimensions of the uterus are like pears from bottom to top.

  • Abnormal rise in uterine swelling or female uterus is due to pregnancy and fibroids.
  • As soon as the uterus is swollen, the woman feels heaviness in the lower part of the stomach and begins to feel confused.
  • Although there is no special symptom in the beginning.
  • But after the Uterine inflammation of the uterus, the bleeding begins for the woman
  • There is a lot of pain in the body. Swelling in the uterus is due to many reasons, so as the time passes, its symptoms start to feel.
  • Due to this, women have to face intolerable stomachache, fever, headache and back pain.
  • In the absence of cure for this problem during the time of time, it can also be the cause of major illness like cancer.
  • Apart from medicines you can also remove this problem from some domestic ways.

Many times swelling occurs in women’s Uterus. The effects of the changing atmosphere or the weather are strongly influenced by the uterus, which affects women on the affected side, it is not affected by the effects of the headache. Feeling of fever or abdominal pain and stomachache.

What is the Cause of Uterine Swelling?

Usually, the Uterine inflammation occurs in women’s uterus, the year in which menopause is going to occur. But even during pregnancy, women may have swelling in the uterus. Apart from this, there are many reasons why women have swelling in the uterus. Let’s know what are the possible causes of swelling in women’s uterus.

  • Due to excessive weakness in the stomach muscles and due to lack of exercise or even more strict exercise, uterus may also cause swelling-
  • In the stomach cause swelling of the uterus due to the formation of gas and constipation
  • Due to excessive use of medicines, the uterus may become swollen –
  • Due to excessive sexual intercourse, it can also cause swelling in the uterus-
  • Due to excessive eating of appetite, swelling of the woman’s uterus, and due to wearing more tight clothing, the uterus may also cause swelling- due to lack of caution during pregnancy, swelling in the uterus. Might be possible-

The most common causes of swelling in the uterus are fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that are present in the form of lumps outside and outside the uterine wall. This lump is in women from thirty to forty years.

It is very common and usually eight out of every ten females in fifty years have fibroids in the uterus. The cause of fibroids is the fluctuations and genetic causes of the hormone. Due to which the swelling of the uterus comes.

What is the Symptoms of Uterine Swelling?

Apart from changes in the physical size of the uterus, there are many other signs of swelling in the uterus, but generally the symptoms of swelling in the uterus are dependent on its causes. The main symptoms of swelling in the uterus in women are as follows.

  • Pelvic area around the pelvic feel very much spasm.
  • Constipation
  • Pain, convulsions and swelling in the legs
  • Feeling unusual pain throughout the body
  • Frequent urination.
  • Women have acute stomach cramps.
  • Abnormal menstrual period i.e. excess bleeding with pain.
  • Feeling some heavyness in the lower abdomen
  • There is anemia in the body due to excess bleeding during menstrual period.
  • The body is weak and the body is yellow.
  • Increasing fat on the waistline around the waist
  • There is more pressure on the uterus and changes in its size.

What is the Treatment of Uterine Swelling?

  • Boil the leaves of neem and neem and drink leprosy. This disease is correct. Apart from this, by applying it daily in the private part, swelling is removed from the kidneys.
  • Turmeric is also very effective to remove Uterine inflammation of the baby. Mixing turmeric in milk removes the swelling of the kidneys.
  • Boil egg leaf in boiling water. Soak it in cotton and keep it inside the mouth. By doing this for 3-4 days, all germs present in the stomach will die and the problem of swelling will be solved.
  • Although almond farms remove many diseases. But almonds are very effective in removing the Uterine inflammation of the baby. Soak the almond with milk in the night. Wake up in the morning and drink milk, including almonds. Get rid of swelling.

Uterine Inflammation

  • Good diet is the period of almost all diseases. The use of green leafy vegetables and fresh vegetables and fruits also provides relief from kidney swelling.

What is the Medicine of Uterine Swelling?

The juice of Arango leaves after dissolving the juice of Arand leaves in the stems and it also ends with swelling. Ashok’s bark is 120 gram, Varjata, Kali Sariva, Lal Chandan, Darjaldali, Manjith, each with 100-100 grams, small cardamom seeds and Chandrapati Prepare the powder by cracking all the medicines by consuming 50-50 grams of coral, 40 grams of Sahastrapati mica, and consuming 30-30 grams of iron and 10 grams of mangroves sulfur.

Then take it again in the decoction of Kharini, Semal bark and bitter bark of 3-3 days by making 1-1 gram tablets and dry it in the shade, then it will be used in one or two bulk of the mixture of mashed cow’s milk Should be consumed in the morning and evening – it provides relief in many diseases of women by consuming it for about one month.

  • The woman suffering from swelling in Uterus should be avoided with spicy masala-chilli-fried things and sweets.
  • The victim should lie down and raise her feet for at least one hour for at least one hour.
  • Once the uterus is swelling, the female patient should fast after drinking fruit juice for four to five days – after that there should be a balanced diet without ripe
  • Nirgundi is used for any type of internal Uterine inflammation
  • This drug is about to give strength to the sedative and medullary fibers, as well as many other medicines which cause Uterine inflammation in Ayurveda, but Nirgundi is the leader in all of these
  • Neem, (Nirgundi), the leaves and gums made of decoction by all and making it in the genitalia, the swelling ends.
  • Almond granut one spoon, mix one spoon of Sharafat Bafsa, and drink it in the morning water and drink a rouge of almond rash on the mouth of the genitalia – due to heat, the swelling in the uterus is cured.
  • By this, Uterine inflammation of the uterus (swelling), blood pressure, various menstrual disorders, or weakness due to delivery, is destroyed by it. After soaking the cotton of the anand (egg) leaves, soaking cotton, and three-four days on the uterus mouth By keeping up to Uterus, swelling is eradicated.

In the amount of 6-6 grams root of Cassini, Gulbansha and Vradiyadi, Gavajwana and Tukmam Kasum 5-5 grams and granule 6 or 7 grind together grind them together with 250 grams of water and frost them in the morning and evening.

Regularly should be done for eight-ten days-this results in substantial benefits in swelling bleeding in the uterus, mucous secretion (mucus, pub) etc … Wash the vagina from the decoction of the chiraye and burn salinity in water. Coat it on the scalp and vagina, it is destroyed due to the cold of the uterus (swelling) of the uterus, ravandchini should be grinded in 15 grams of quantity and should take half-a-half grams of water for three times a day – Uterine swelling disappears-


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