Scum of ear : Cause, Symptoms, Medication, Treatment


What is the scum of ear?

The scum of the ear is one of the physical substances that we normally do not like to discuss.

Like other secretions in the body, most of us prefer to deal with it alone. Even then, it is a matter of attraction for many people. Like many humans and whales, wax is made in the ears of many mammal animals. Like other animals, the wax of human ears is not a special thing. There is no such thing in it that something can happen about a person. And how to tell? Most people often keep their ears clean.

It starts to give less hearing than ears and pain in the ears. Our ears are blocked when the froth gets stiffened and they can not get out of their own. In this way, many people start trying to take them out of cotton wool or from a fine thing which can be fatal. Use of baby oil is very effective to clean the ear, which is frozen in the ear. Easily melt the melt out and your ears get safer. For this, you should lighten 2 teaspoons of baby oil and put it in both your ears with the help of a dropper and after putting it in the same position in which the oil was put. It will help you clean the ear of melt wax easily frozen in your ear.

Although ear wax is for the protection of the ears, but when it gets too much accumulated it becomes less prone to hearing. Many times it also causes ear pain and infection. It also blocks the eardream.

Using tools like earphone and repeated use of earbud, the ear is stored in the ear. There can be many problems with this.

How is the scum of ear?

Ear wax or scandal is a problem that everyone has to face. Human body releases ear wax as shield to trap dirt, bacteria and bugs. When this ear wax is released in very large quantities, it produces serious problems. You will experience dryness, deafness and irritation many times. Read the article to clean your ears in some easy ways.

How can Ear scum increase?

Wax is made in the scum of the ear, but it is basically made of dead caratinocytes cells.
Ear scum is a mixture of many substances. About 1,000 to 2,000 glands form anti-microbial peptide. Fat glands present near hair cells make mixed alcohols, oils of skullen, cholesterol and triglyceride.

Ears of scum in women and men form an equal amount, but one study has shown that the amount of triglyceride decreases between November and July.

Lysozyme is also found in the scum of the ear, which is an anti-bacterial enzyme.

How the Ear scum spreads?

There may be some toxic substances in the form of some heavy metals like many other body secretions in the scum of the ear.

But one is a strange place to see such a thing, and secondly, it is not more reliable than a simple blood test.

Some rare metabolic disorders are affecting the ear spots.

How the scum of the ear works?

• Mix white vinegar, hot water, and two teaspoons of rub with alcohol.

• Leave some drops in the ear.

• Allow the liquid solution to stay in your ears for five to ten minutes to loosen and soften the cube.


• Rotate your head to move away from the liquid scam, use a cotton ball to clean the dirt.

• It is an easy and easy way to clean your ears.

• Only this method of cleaning the ear should be done only when there is a serious need to clean the ears.

The reason for this is that scrubbing vinegar and alcohol can cause dryness in your ears, causing you to become very upset. This method should not be done often on a long intervals.

What is the symptoms of Ear scum?

Waxing is a natural way to protect the body, it prevents the growth of dirt and bacteria in the ears, but it is not even right to add more wax. Slowly it starts to sound less and ears also cause pain in the ear.

It is difficult to block our ears when this wax gets accumulated in hardness and does not get out of its own way. In this way, many people start trying to take them out of cotton wool or with some fine thing which can be quite a deadly principle.

What is the treatment of Ear scum?

1. Hydrogen Paroxide:

Insert the hydrogen peroxide in very small quantities in water, put it in small amounts in the ear. Now reverse the ear and remove the remaining solution from the ear. This method is very much used in cleaning the ear.

2. Oil:

Add olive oil, peanut or mustard oil and add some garlic to it. Now, when the oil is lukewarm, put it in the ear with the help of cotton, and cover it. By doing so, the scum of the ear will come out of the ashani.



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