Cocaine Poisoning

What is Cocaine Poisoning : Reason, Cause, Symptom

What is Cocaine Poisoning? Cocaine uses thousands of emergency departments (ED) visits each year and hundreds of deaths. While in most cases cocaine is a...
Demand Toxicity

What is Demand Toxicity : Treatment, Symptoms

What is Demand Toxicity? Poison is the name of such substances that, when eaten, mucous membrane, by direct action on the tissue or skin or...
Datura poisoning

What is Datura Poisoning : Roadside Poison, Reason, Treatment

What is Datura poisoning? Datura is a plant. It is about 1 meter high. This tree is black-white in two colors. And black flowers are...
Electric Shock

What is Electric Shock : Cause, Symptom, Cure

What is Electric Shock? Electric current is defined as the flow rate of the conductor's negative charges. In other words, the continuous flow of electrons...
Drowning in water

Drowning in water : Reason, Symptoms, Treatment

Drowning in water? Sinking is a common accident occurring by mistake or deliberately (killing or suicidal). In rural areas where people take a bath in...

What is Frostbite : Specific Conditions, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Frostbite? Frostbite refer to cooling of the body tissue (usually skin), which results in the contract of blood vessels, which reduces blood flow...

What is Asthma : Expands, Increases, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Asthma? Asthma is a condition that affects the small airways present in the lungs that is called bronchitis. It can start at any...