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Magnesium is a chemical element, which is Mg, the atomic number 12 and the normal oxidation number is +2. is. It is an alkaline meaning metal like calcium and barium and is the eighth most abundant element on earth and 2% in proportion to the weight, and the ninth-dominant element in the whole universe.

More than half of the body’s this is found in our bones while the rest contributes to the biological functions performed in the body. Usually there is a substantial amount in a healthy dose.

Diarrhea and deficiency can cause neuromuscular problems due to its excess. It is found in green vegetables. Sir Humphrey Davy discovered in 1808.

Magnesium Compounds?

1. Magnesia:

This oxide is called magnesia. It is a light-colored powder. It is very less soluble in water. It produces fluorescent light. It is also used in removing stomach acidity as a medicine.

2. Hydroxide:

It is a white colored substance that is extremely soluble in water. It’s a base. Magnesium hydroxide is used in sugar extraction from molasses.

3. Sulphate:

Sulphate is found in the warm springs of Ipsum in the form of epsomite in nature. This colorless crystalline material is solid material. It is used in cotton industry and soap and pain industry. Platinized MgSO4 is treated as a catalyst in the formation of sulfuric acid by the grille method. Sulphate is used as Purgative. Sulfate or Epsom salts is a deliquescent compound.

4. Carbonate:

It is found in nature in the form of magnetise or dolomite. It is a white soluble substance that is soluble in water. carbonate is used in making printing inks, dental menshes, face-making powder etc. Like magnesium alva, it is used as a medicine. It comes in the work of removing the acidity of the stomach.

5.  Alva:

Alga [Mg (OH) 2MgCO3.3H2O) is used to remove acidity of the stomach. It’s an intestine.

6. Sorel Cement:

MgCl2.5MgO.xH2O is called Sorem Cement.

Foods Rich in Magnesium?

1. Soya Bean:

There are plenty of protein, vitamins and magnesium in it. Dried soya bean soak it also benefits from eating too much.

2. Avocado:

There are many vitamins in it, it keeps your heart fixed. Creating a sandwich made of avocado leads to enough amount of magnesium in the body.

3. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate contains a large amount of magnesium. It can be eaten twice a week.

4. Kadudu Seeds: 

Magnium is rich in pumpkin seeds. You can eat it in the evening with tea.

5. Yogurt:

Calcium and magnesium both come in the body with enough yogurt and there is no harm to you.

6. Fish:

In magnesium and omega-3 the fish is abundant.

7. Banana:

Potassium is rich in bananas. 30 mg in it this is also there.

8. Almonds:

Once you eat almonds, add 75 mg Get this. Soak it in the evening and eat 5 every day.

9. Strawberries:

Strawberries have a lot of this, which gives stamina to the body and makes strangles.

10. Fig:

By eating fig, this reaches a balanced amount in the body.

11. Spinach:

Along with iron, this also provides good quantity in the body by eating spinach or raw, every day.

12. Cocoa:

52 grams in 10 grams of cocoa Contains this .

13. Cashews:

Cashew nuts contain carbohydrate as well as this which keeps the body healthy.

Physical Properties?

Magnesium is like a silver and bright metal. It is soft, flexible and ductile metal. So it can easily be obtained in the form of wire or lace. Its melting point is 650 ° C and boiling point is 110 ° C. Its relative density is 1.75.

Chemical Properties?

By reacting with dilute acids it makes hydrogen gas. It does not respond to alkalis. It produces magnesium nitrate and ammonium nitrate with dilute nitric acid. In the presence of dry ether, it reacts with ethyl iodide or bromide to form ethyl this iodide or bromide, which is called grignard’s reagent. Magnesium creates this nitride by reacting with nitrogen.


1. Magnesia

2. hydroxide

3. carbonate

4. Elva

5. Sorel Cement


These Things Contain Magnesium  ?

Eat daily almonds, raisins, cashews, and peanuts in your diet. For example, eat almonds, raisins, cashews and peanuts, it contains good amounts of this.

1. Peanut butter contains 49 mg this content, so this is a very good way to take  in the body.

2. Baked potato contains 43 mg magnesium

3. A cup of milk provides 24-27 mg magnesium

Due to lack of magnesium can also cause depression?

The number of patients suffering from depression and angiography has increased unexpectedly and due to this, people are now quite conscious about this disease.

There are many types of anti-depressant medicines available in the market to dispel depression and movement, but you should also know about their side effects. Side effects of these medicines can cause problems like laziness, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea and sexual disfunction.

L-Threonate Benefits?

MgT Sampling may have a slowing effect on memory related to memory. As nerve tissues grow, they tend to be less flexible and wanting for new synaptic growth. Inability to understand the memory loss and new things in this process and to make the nerve route in the new process is the inability to respond.

The compound has also been shown to relieve chronic neuropathic pain. There is some debate on these benefits that are quite different from what can be achieved with a standard this sulfate dose. Both compounds seem to produce profits in the memory function.

These benefits are in addition to standard magnesium benefits such as better bone strength, better nerve function, and normal growth in mental and physical energy through glucose production.

The lack of magnesium is also associated with an irregular heart, a condition that can reduce careful supplementation. Finally, the supplements are widely used as a sleep aid.


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