How to Avoid Depression: Types, 4 Reason, Symptoms, Treatment



Depression refers to the misery caused by psychological disorders. It is called the disease or syndrome. Anyone in the field of science feels helpless and frustrated in the depressed state. Everywhere seems disappointment, stress, unrest, dislike. There are many physical causes of this too. Among them are malnutrition, heredity, hormones, weather, stress, disease, intoxication, prolonged in unpleasant situations, shortness of back etc.

It is natural to be sad about any bad event or circumstance. But if this feeling persists for a long time (more than two weeks) or repeatedly and disrupts normal life and health, then it comes under the category of this in medical definition, which requires treatment.

Many important hindrances such as life-threatening, job loss or breakdown of marriage are usually caused by.

Not only this, depression can also happen without any particular reason. He gradually gets home and instead of trying to help you keep struggling with that.

What kind of role do brain chemistry play in the condition of depression, it has not yet been fully understood. But most experts agree that this is not just because of any kind of imbalance in the brain.

In today’s development period, it is common for people to suffer from mental disorders. That is the cause of mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, financial problems, this. Do not take depression in the form of a common disease, because it is a serious disease, which is necessary to treat if it is not treated at the time, it can also cause death.

This is a mental health disorder. Especially it is a mood disorder that is constantly due to sadness and no attachment to anything. This is not a problem for a few days. It is a prolonged illness. The average time of this episode is 6-8 months.


There are many different types including:

1. Major

2. Diastema or chronic

3. Seasonal Effective or Weather Affected

4. Psychotic

5. Bipolar


To overcome depression it is very important to understand its symptoms and signs. Because we can only ask for help if we can know at the right time that everything in our life is not going well.

Here are some symptoms:

1. Sadness

2. Fatigue

3. Trouble concentrating

4. Differences Between Sadness

5. Anger

6. Irritability

7. Frustration

8. Not participate in enjoyable or fun activities

9. Too much sleep or very little sleep

10. Decrease in energy, craving for unhealthy food

11. Anxiety

This occurs only once in life, and it involves many causes and events.


1. Factors of stress in life:

The causes of tension in adults can be related to work, interpersonal (family or marriage), financial and others.

2. Physical problems related to physical health:

Uncontrollable diseases such as diabetes and thyroid may cause this. Therefore, in consultation with the psychiatrist, the investigation of pre-untimely illnesses is also included. People suffering from severe diseases such as heart disease, cancer or HIV may face difficulties dealing with the disease and this can also cause depression.

3. Personality:

Uncertainty competition in school, college or office, and pressure from colleagues or classmates (due to being too thick or too thin, too long or naught), perfectionism, lack of confidence, pressure from colleagues or classmates. Most of the research suggests that all these factors can increase depression in different or mixed forms.

4. Alcohol or drug addiction:

Alcohol or alcoholic beverages are a depressant and excessive consumption can increase depression. Addicted to drugs and other harmful substances removes them from family and friends. In the event of long intake of non-addiction and addiction, migrainous symptoms start to come and also arises.

Alcohol addiction : Portrait of a lonely and desperate drunk hispanic woman (image focused on her drink)


1. Medications:

The doctor can prescribe antidepressants, antioxidant antianxiety, or antisiacotics antipsychotic medicines to treat depression.

2. Psychotherapy:

A doctor can help you deal with negative emotions. Even with the help of family or psychotherapist, we can get a way to overcome negative mental emotions of depression.

3. Light therapy:

The use of white light with the help of light therapy is used to control mood and improve symptoms of depression. This therapy is commonly used in the treatment of stimulated disorders over time in depression.

4. Alternative therapies:

Consult your doctor about acupuncture or meditation. Some herbal supplements are also used for the treatment of depression, such as the same and fish oil.

5. Exercise:

Exercise for 30 minutes daily, three to five days a week to adjust physical activity. Exercise can increase your body’s production of hormones called endorphins, which reduces the hormones depression.

6. Avoid alcohol and drugs:

Drinking alcohol or medicines can feel better for a short time, but these substances increase the symptoms of depression.


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