How to avoid blindness: Symptom, Treatment & Types

most prominently observed in color blindness, red color blindness is called protonopia and green color blindness is called deuteranopia.

What is blindness?

Color blind or blind person does not discriminate in different colors. Red-green color blindness is most prominently observed in color blindness, red color blindness is called protanopia and green color is called deuteranopia. Varnamala is identified with color chart.

As it is a genetic disease, its gene is ineffectively found on an x ​​and the effective form is found on the second x, whereas y chromosome is free from these symptoms. Women can be the carrier of this disease but men can not be born because men have only one x chromosome, so there is a chromosome in the presence of male chromosome x gene.

Diagnosis of color blindness can be done by itself. This occurs when cone cells that feel colored can not send signals to the brain. This is usually caused either by family causes or by the diseases of the optic nerve or retina. This problem is related to the X-chromosome and almost always happens in a mother with her son.

There are many tests available to measure color blindness, but the most commonly used test isch plate test. There is no cure for color blindness, however, people need special set of lenses to feel the colors

Make a color blind lens removed?

A person suffering from this disease does not recognize red and green, as well as one in every 10 men, besides many women, is suffering from this disease. The Oxy-Iso named lenses has been invented by the US Research Institute, so that the doctors will be able to see those nerves where there is stress.

Investigation has shown that these lenses help to recognize the red and green colors of color blind people.

But this lens can not be used as a diver because these lenses reduce the ability to identify yellow and blue colors.

Humans have better ability to recognize colors than other mammals. The oxy-aiso filter only raises the colors that are green or red

Daniel Bor is a color blind and he is a neuroscientist in Sussex University’s Sacklor Center for Consciousness. According to him, the lens shows red color very intense. However, they also suspect its success. Daniel Bore says that these lenses make the yellow color completely obscure. He says, “There were some yellow colors on my daughter’s computer monitor but I could not see them.

So this can be revolutionary for those who have this problem.

Treatment of blindness possible?

Scientists say that they have reached close to treating color blindness using gene therapy. This kind of experiment has proved successful in monkeys and it is expected that gene therapy can now be treated in humans even in humans.

Color blindness is a disease that occurs from birth. The person suffering from this disease can not distinguish between red and green color. One American team started the treatment of monkeys suffering from color blindness from birth, starting with gene therapy and these monkeys began to distinguish between red and green colors.

After diagnosing the disease, the disease has been treated by installing a visual receptor in infants, but the biggest problem is that the diagnosis of the disease is only in the larger case when it is large. In the new


experiment, genes were inserted in light-sensitive cells located behind the eyes of monkeys. In these genes, it was essential DNA code which enables the understanding of the difference between red and green colors. After the last two years of experiments, the disease ended in monkeys.

Treatment of color blindness?

One is Blindness and the other is Color Blindness. This is a situation in which the ability to distinguish some colors becomes normal. This means that the person suffering from color has difficulty in seeing the mixture of red, green, blue or their mixture.

It is so rare that the ability to see a person’s color goes away, it is wrong to believe that a person with color blindness is able to see only black and white colors. This is also one of the many myths about color bleindness in society.

Currently, there is no cure for color blindness. Color filters or contact lenses are available which can be used in some situations to help in increasing the visibility and to make the colors easier to recognize. But many patients consider them inconvenient. If you find this too inconvenient, then try other ways in which you can feel comfortable in it. Now there are many options available, you just have to choose.

The electronic eye is a handheld device that recognizes colors. In this device, there is an audio synthesizer that recognizes the color and speaks loudly.

If your child has color blindness, then you can help him in identifying colors such as identifying the color of clothing, using accessories, identifying the location of green, yellow and red colors on traffic lights and the meaning of signals Tell on the basis. You may also have to make changes in the things you read in the school. Inform educators that the colors related to colors for your child are not suitable.


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