High Bilirubin Levels: Testing, Newborns, Reason, Symptoms

high bilirubin

What is high bilirubin?

Adults can have high bilirubin levels, but disorders in newborns are more common. This is because it takes some time after the birth of a baby that he begins to metabolize bilirubin efficiently and leaves it in his stool.

Different types of liver problems can be indicated by the normal level of bilirubin. Occasionally, higher bilirubin levels can indicate an increased rate of destruction of red blood cells (hemolysis).

If your bilirubin level is higher than normal, then it is an indication that either your red blood cells are breaking at an abnormal rate or your liver is not being broken properly and cleansing bilirubin with your blood.

What is bilirubin?

Bilirubin is produced due to the breakdown of red blood cells (RBCs) in the body. Bilirubin travels to the liver and deposits in the bile duct. The body ultimately exposes bilirubin in the stool.

Bilirubin is brown and yellow, and it is a pigment that makes the stool brown. RBC’s lifetime is approximately 120 days and is constantly updated. RBC contains hemoglobin, which helps in carrying oxygen around the body and this is what breaks into bilirubin and other substances. Bilirubin is carried by a simple protein albumin to the liver.

Bilirubin is a bile pigment that is orange-yellow color. It is formed during normal breakdown of red blood cells, and is excreted in the bile. Bilirubin can be classified as indirect (free or unmedited), whereas it is considered directly after the conjunction of the liver with glucuronic acid.

This causes yellow-colored skin and eyes. This happens because at birth, the liver is not fully able to process bilirubin often. This is a temporary situation that usually gets solved within a few weeks.

What is high bilirubin test?

Bilirubin test measures total bilirubin level (non-conjugated and conjugated bilirubin) in spectrophotometry. A sub-section of this test is designed to measure or estimate two major forms of bilirubin, unconjugated and conjugated bilirubin. Although blood is usually tested, amniotic fluid and urine can also be examined. In addition, newborn babies can be easily scanned with a device to check the level of bilirubin.

• Further blood tests for liver function and test for hepatitis on signal

• A physical exam, where a doctor can feel the stomach area to see if the liver is large or soft.

• Imaging tests to visualize liver. These may include high-powered images with ultrasound, computerized X-ray or MRI scans with a CT scan.

• An endoscopy is sometimes used to see the ducts in which the bile goes up to the intestine.

• Liver biopsy is occasionally required, though it is uncommon. In this process, a small sample of liver tissue is sent to a laboratory for evaluation.

What is the reason for high bilirubin?

Gilbert syndrome periodically causes a raised bilirubin level, this is not the only possible cause of high bilirubin. Other liver disease can cause bilirubin.

An elevated bilirubin can indicate liver damage, so the liver function can be the full range of tests to take out a high bilirubin due to liver disease. A more specialized blood test which measures direct (conjugated) and indirect (non-conjugated) bilirubin levels that can be diagnosed for causing the problem.

Bile ducts, such as gallstones, are a cause of high bilirubin. Blocking canals can cause bile to form in the liver, resulting in bilirubin in the bloodstream.

High breakdown of red blood cells is another reason for high bilirubin. A normal breakdown of bilirubin red cells is produced in a process called hemolysis. But, if multiple red cells break down at once, then more bilirubin is released. So any condition which causes excessive bleeding, can result in higher bilirubin, for example hemolytic anemia.

1. Gall bladder

Bile stones occur when the substances like cholesterol or bilirubin become hardened in your gall bladder.

• Pain in your upper right abdomen or right below your chest

• Pain in your shoulder or on your right shoulder

• to feel sick

• throwing up

If there is already too much bilirubin in your body due to the presence of a liver or if your liver is producing too much cholesterol, then gallstones can become stones. They can also be caused by infection or blood disorders of your bile ducts. Bilirubin is formed when your gallbladder is blocked and can not get out properly.

2. Gilbert’s syndrome

Gilbert Syndrome is a genetic hepatic condition that causes your liver not to properly process bilirubin. This causes the formation of your blood flow.


• Nausea



• small discomfort of stomach

3. Dysfunctional dysfunction

Any condition affecting your liver’s function can cause bilirubin in your blood. This is the result of your liver, which loses the ability to remove and process bilirubin with your bloodstream.

• jaundice

• Pain or swelling of your stomach

• Exhaustion

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• easy bruising

• Deep urine

• Yellow, bloody or black stools

itchy skin

4. hepatitis

Hepatitis occurs when your liver swells, often due to a viral infection When it swells, your liver can not easily process bilirubin, which can be produced in your blood.
Hepatitis is not always the cause of symptoms, but when this happens, they can include:

• jaundice

• Exhaustion

• Deep urine

stomach ache

• Nausea

• Vomiting

5. Inflammation of the tube

Your bile ducts connect your liver to your gallbladder and open your small intestine, which is called duodenum. They help in transferring bile, which contains bilirubin, your liver and gallbladder in your intestines.

What are the symptoms of high bilirubin?

If you have high bilirubin, then your symptoms will depend on the underlying cause. You can have light bilirubin lightly and have no symptoms. Or, with moderately high bilirubin, you can only have jaundice, a yellow cast for your eyes and skin. Jaundice is the main sign of high bilirubin level.

high bilirubin

• stomach ache or swelling

• Freezing


• Pain in chest

• Weakness

• affair

• Fatigue


• Vomiting

• Abnormally dark urine

High bilirubin in newborns?

There is a condition in high-level neonates of bilirubin that doctors are called newborn hyperbilirubinemia, or jaundice in newborns.

The severity of elevated bilirubin and medical importance will depend on the cause. The age of the child, as well as whether they were born prematurely, is also a factor. In a healthy infant, the cause of anxiety occurs when the level of bilirubin, which is produced in full-time, is higher than 18 mg / dL.

For premature infants, delivery occurs during the first pregnancy period, the lower limit on which health professionals consider bilirubin levels to be highly effective. High levels of bilirubin can be toxic for nerves and cause brain damage.

Most jaundice in babies is not serious, and the symptoms are solved naturally. Long-lasting jaundice occurs in infants who breastfeed. This type of jaundice is usually not harmful, but it requires monitoring.


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