Brain Weakness: Reason, Symptoms, Treatment

brain weakness

What is brain weakness?

I have struggled with mental health issues, mainly anxiety, but with a period of depression for nearly three years. As soon as I started university, everything started very well. I think I was sensitive to mental health problems because, as all medical students experience,

intense workload and everything that walks with it makes you feel very bright.

• Go through life, face different challenges and obstacles,

• It is sometimes interesting to see how you deal with certain situations.

• One thing to clarify from the beginning is that I am not actually a medical student,

• The reason mainly due to my struggles with mental health has influenced my studies.

• With anxiety and depression, concentration is adjacent to impossible.

• I will take home from the difficult days of lecture and group work and will not leave any energy for anything else.

Concern wanted me to understand everything at the same time; Instead of focusing at present, looking forward to what is ahead ahead of it. Eventually, I became so worried on my growing list that I think the best way to deal with stress was to completely ignore the list.

Besides this, my mental health problems meant that I could have as much as possible in my head Tried to avoid spending time; In my second year, a maladaptive capping mechanism that I adopted, which has not enabled me to do things like reading for happiness. To do all this, I came to a point where I wanted to do just that everything was ignored and stayed on the bed because it was the only time I could have closed my mind.

What is the reason for brain weakness?

This disease can happen to any person. But it is more common in people who are habitual of smoking or tobacco and those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, diabetes etc.

Apart from this, people who do not exercise, more ghee-oil-eaters, in obese people, fried and fat-fed foods, and those who drink more alcohol also have this problem. Hereditary and stress is also a major reason for this disease.

What is the symptoms of brain weakness?

A poor memory can affect your life in more than one way. Children suffering from poor memory or forgetfulness (memory loss) have difficulty in learning in school. They are often neglected as slow learners. They may have great skills but their inability to recover the facts can be their drawbacks.

Many people lose their important documents and money, but in reality they are considered careless to suffer from poor memory. It can also affect your relationships and job, which can lead to stress and depression.

What is the treatment of brain weakness?

To remove this disease, the immobility of muscles is reduced by reducing stability. Daily Exercise also benefits But this remedy does not cure the patient completely. Therefore, the doctors treat the condition of the patient and the immobility of the patient.

brain weakness

By making some changes in eating habits, the risk of this disease can be reduced. Include fruits and green vegetables in the food. Stay away from high fat, lubricating foods and junk foods. Less use of sugar and salt also helps. Put a habit of morning walk to control weight.

What is the treatment of brain weakness?

The brain is very beneficial in weakness:

Apple is an absolute treatment to remove brain weakness. Give such a patient an apple every day to eat. In addition to this, give the patient an apple of raw apple in the afternoon and at night. Give a glass of apple apple in the evening and feed a ripe sweet apple before sleeping. It improves the patient’s condition within a month.

Eat to remove brain weakness: Berries:

One researcher has found that eating jamun helps reduce brain weakness. Studies have shown that by eating black berries in the episode, it can prevent the brain from weakening. According to the researchers, if the women of pre-age eat regular jamuns, their weakness of the brain can be stopped for two and a half years.



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