How to Face Epilepsy and How to Avoid It?


What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a Brain Disease. In this disease, a person suddenly loses his balance when he is in a seizure. The patient’s body trembles and hands and feet begin to tremble. On the arrival of epilepsy, many people smell the patient ‘dirty socks or shoes’. But we’ll tell you these simple measures.

Epilepsy is a brain-related nervous system that is also called epilepsy. In this disease, the patient has 30 seconds to 2 minutes of the attack, in which he becomes unconscious after losing his sweetheart.

The effect of epilepsy is found on any part of the body of the person, such as on face, hands or feet.

When the epilepsy is attacked, add basil juice and rock salt to the patient’s nose. If there is no tonsil plant then you can also put the juice of cardamom leaf.

Make chutneys from the leaves of the tray and feed them. If the patient eats it on a daily basis, he will get benefit very soon. Give one teaspoon of white onion juice to the patient daily to get rid of it.

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  • Failing of the patient
  • Toothbrush
  • Foam out of the mouth
  • Keep looking at one side continuously

Our brain works by giving the correct signals of ‘neurons‘. When there is any obstruction in it, the brain slowly stops doing its work, due to which the patient gets epilepsy.

Apart from this, there may be epileptic seizures due to head injury, excessive drinking, brain tumor, paralysis or menstrual disturbances and lack of oxygen in the brain.

Many cases of epilepsy can be prevented by treating heart diseases, high blood pressure, infection and other disorders. Hate and grape juice are also beneficial in epilepsy.

Feed the mulberry and grapes juice to the patient every morning, or making a pumpkin juice and feeding will also benefit the patient. Mix sugar and molasses powder to increase the test of this juice.

Does Karoda get Rid of Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disease in which the patient suddenly starts to visit. It is a nervous system relate to illness. In epilepsy, the person loses his brain balance.

By which, his hands tremble and the body trembles. There is no permanent treatment of epilepsy. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies that you can use to get rid of epilepsy.

There are plenty of antioxidants present in Basil. Which helps in keeping free radicals correct in the brain. To get rid of epilepsy, take 20 basil leaves regularly. Mixing syrup juice and rock salt together also causes epilepsy problems.

Eating a spoon of onion juice daily gets rid of the problem of epilepsy. If a person has epilepsy attacks, then mix them with mulberry and grape juice daily. Doing this will fix the problem of epilepsy.

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The Entire Country will see liver Surgery from Laser?

State Bureau, New Delhi: There is a perception among common people that epilepsy can not be cured. Whereas medicines can only be treated for epilepsy, it is possible to treat it even with surgery.

However, it has the facility of surgery only in the few selected hospitals in the country. Because every hospital doctor is not skilled at its surgery.

Therefore, a two-day workshop is being organized in AIIMS next month with the help of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for the promotion of epilepsy surgery. During this time, laser surgery will be done for the first time in the country.

At present, five hospitals are administered epilepsy in Nimhans (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences), PGI Chandigarh, AIIMS in Delhi, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow and CMC, Vellore. Apart from this, there is no facility in any government hospital in the country.

However, in the above hospitals, laser surgery is not done with a laser. The biotechnology department is funding it to promote epilepsy surgery.

Its importance can also be understood from this that the Indian Medical Research Council and the Indian Medical Council are also collaborating. So that the doctors of other hospitals can also be aware of the technique of epilepsy surgery.

co-organizer of the organizing committee, said that in this workshop, specialist doctors are reaching the US. Who will tell the doctor about the surgery of epilepsy from laser ablation. In this method, surgery is performed with laser only through a hole in the brain. Apart from this, experts here will also carry epilepsy surgery in other ways.

Surgery of eight patients will be done in two days. Therefore it will also be broadcast there. He said that epilepsy is due to genetic reasons. Apart from this, epilepsy attacks also occur due to tumor or infection in the brain. Nearly two percent of the country’s population is suffering from this disease.

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Can new Scans Lead to better Treatment for Epilepsy?

A new Removed Tomography (PET) scan which uses the Medical Imaging Agent, labeling the brain correctly and exactly where the seizure occurs, knowingly uses the area of seizure allows doctors to determine more correct treatment.

Clinical Director of Co-operative Research Center for Biomedical Imaging Development Ltd. (which says in the process of developing the correct patients, can identify a significant number of seizure medicines by identifying the doctors and prescribing more accurately and monitoring the treatment or surgery, ultimately patients, who Often important medical and psychological economic difficulties are in the form of a result of their disorder Switch to recommend improvements.

Presented by Melbourne University, Royal Melbourne Hospital, CRCBID, the Australian Atomic Science and Technology Organization and Peter Cancer Center, worked together to prepare the study done by Dr. Ron Weiner on ANZ atomic medical conference in Sydney, Australia on 25th April 2009 was on.

At one third of the current epileptic patients can not be adequately controlled by drugs, Dr. Wear says, or due to unacceptable side effects and the problem of localising the source of a seizure of Dr.ugs for the nervous system surgery only for a small proportion Is an effective treatment.

Once it had a radioactive 109-minute clinical application, it was possible for the researchers to replace the fluorine atom atom with an atom of the radioactive atom to become infected with epilepsy patients.

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Therapy Project?

The Epilepsy Therapy (ETP) Project and that Foundation (FE) today announced the announcement of the latest grant recipients of its new Therapy Grant Program, a non-profit epilepsy organization, a unique joint venture, to advance promising epilepsy research in clinical development.

Grant Prize, totaling approximately $ 200,000 in funding, is an experimental gene therapy that directly targets brain-generating brain tissues as well as an electrode system that improves the efficacy of surgery for some epilepsy Has the ability to support.

“Patients need treatment for epilepsy and management options, and through this grant program we are excited to see such remarkable innovation in the field, with more in the areas of surgical treatment of gene therapy and epilepsy, cutting-edge Be advised in the case of living.

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For furthering the results of this treatment, MD, co-founder and vice president for programs, nerve and Professor of knowledge, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, and Director, NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, New York University, “he said.

By supporting these two promising programs, we look forward to seeing significant progress while encouraging researchers and companies are expected to pursue new ideas and perspectives in the state of this and seizure.

New Therapy Grant Program Grants to facilitate the advancement of new treatments through clinical development of critical initial stage clinical development or to ensure the clinical development of preclinical bridge to bridge the gap from the groundbreaking progress in the area of epilepsy The benefits will be the opportunity to be nominated.

Evaluation of applications to support the approach presented by highly qualified clinical experts and scientists with the greatest potential for benefit to new clinical close-term patients, by the award committee, which is comprised of clinical, scientific, and industry representatives. .

“And the need for the opportunity in the market for new treatments in this is infallible,” Warren, president of Epilepsy Therapy Project said.

A third of people with epilepsy live with uncontrolled seizures at the expense of unacceptable side effects, including all the available therapies and maybe even the third of seizure control to get one another, but with the effect of fatigue and cognition, the government and Appropriate medical development has neglected from personal financing sources, and the availability of current economic uncertainties and risk capital is less.


In the environment, the most promising new research ideas across the line starting on the path of our clinical development is not exaggerated by the importance of new therapy grants, I hope we can increase support and expand this important program.

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The hospital’s neuro physician Dr. Kad Nagpal said that epilepsy is a disorder of the body that produces abnormal waves in the brain.

These waves cause shocks and seizures. There are many such drugs that exist through which 75 percent of this can be controlled. There are some cases that can be controlled with surgery, given the name of the reflex.

says that first of all people should be aware of this. Any person should immediately contact the neurologist if symptoms of this are noticed. According to the doctor’s instructions, should continue to take medicines regularly and keep checking them regularly.

Especially women who are pregnant or pregnant and they are victims of this should continue to check with the doctor so that their child and their pregnancy can be protected from any serious problem.

Deficiency, being uncontrolled in the body, face stretching in muscles, clutter in the body, eye climbing, fainting or jerking are symptoms of this. In this there is no balance on the body of the patient, the foam comes out of the mouth.

Due to lack of sleep, stress, injury to the head, non-consumption of medicines on time, adverse effects of the use of certain medicines, tragedy, high fever, low blood glucose levels can cause epilepsy attacks.

Do not try to feed anything with your mouth or give it to drink. On doing so, the patient may die after eating food or water.


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